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Work Pods – Next Generation Office Furniture

Work pods are the perfect addition to any office when you need quiet workspaces. They are ideal for breakout spaces in open-plan offices, in particular.

Here at, we have a wide selection of workpods, whether you want total privacy or a casual breakout space.

Our workpods come in all sizes, styles, and configurations. Choose a work pod that suits your office culture and atmosphere to improve productivity immediately.

Work pods offer a range of benefits, providing tranquil spaces for people to work alone or in small teams. You can select them to meet your needs.

A work pod should be comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and help your employees to work efficiently. They can allow staff members to work in the ways they prefer.

Take a look at what we have to offer from our selection of options, helping your employees to work both together and independently.

Use WorkPods for Quiet Spaces

Work pods are ideal for providing quiet workspaces for one or more people. Your employees can get away from the noise of an open-plan office.

We offer private workpods with doors so that people can shut themselves away and block out the rest of the office.

Soundproofing helps to keep work pods like the Hybrid A Pod 230 Quite Pod as quiet as possible to create a tranquil working environment.

Quiet work pods for single people to work or take phone calls are available, along with soundproofed meeting spaces. See our range to choose a style.

Hold Meetings in Work Pods

Work pods are also ideal for meetings with small groups of people. Some of our pods are suitable for four people or larger groups of around eight.

In open-plan offices, finding a meeting space isn’t always easy. Work pods allow you to avoid using someone’s private office or sitting out in the open.

Secure privacy and a quiet space with a work pod so that small groups of people can meet and work as a team in peace.

There are both private and more open workpods available to suit a range of needs for different groups.

Work Pods as Breakout Spaces

Workpods can provide excellent breakout spaces. Meetings aren’t always planned, and a work pod can be the place to gather spontaneously.

When you have work pods available, your staff won’t have to gather around someone’s desk or try to book a meeting room at the last minute.

Breakout spaces allow them to sit down and work together whenever they need to. Our workpods allow groups and individuals to find the perfect spot.

We have everything from comfortable seating to prefabricated booths that offer the ideal area for people to work in their preferred way.

Phone Pods

Finding a quiet place for a phone call can be tough in an open-plan office. Phone pods offer a soundproofed space so that privacy can be achieved.

Private phone booths also help people taking phone calls or video meetings to avoid disturbing others in the office.

Phone booths provide a comfortable place to sit but save space by leaving out a workspace, which isn’t necessary for a space dedicated to making phone calls.

Improve the atmosphere and mood in your office by keeping phone conversations private, reducing noise levels, and disturbances for everyone else in the office.

Portable and Relocatable Pods

Another excellent benefit for our work pods is their portability. You can relocate them so that they are always in the most convenient place.

You can place your them wherever they are most convenient, and move them to new locations if you want to reconfigure your office.

These flexible pods can serve many purposes, from phone booths in your lobby or reception area to meeting spaces for your office.

As compact spaces with modular options available, moving them to a new area is easier than you might think. They offer flexible solutions for a range of applications.

Range of Styles, Colours, and Materials

Our work pods offer a broad range of options, allowing you to choose pods that suit your needs and match your brand.

The different styles of work pod available offer something for every office, from modern to more traditional spaces.

Choose from various shapes and configurations, from booths to arches, bench seating, and modular lounge areas set up for multiple workers to use at the same time.

You can customise the work pods that you choose with colours that work for your brand.

Discover workpods that meet your business’s needs both practically and aesthetically.

Comfort and Technology in Work Pods

Many of our booths and pods can be fitted with required features for comfort and technology.

Choose our private booths, which have ventilation fans, lights, and power to provide everything that is required.

Set up your work booths for modern technology, whether you want space for laptops or screens for presentations.

Delivery Across Australia

We deliver across Australia and install work pods all over the country too. Our services are available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin, Canberra, and beyond.

We use our own dedicated delivery and installation team to ensure excellent installation and top customer service throughout the process.

If your business needs for most efficient office furniture solutions, we will help you to find the right style, size, and functionality for your business requirements.

Request a quote for any of our products or send us an inquiry if you want to know more. We can visit you at your office, and make furniture to your specifications.


Protect your new office furniture with our warranties, which typically cover your purchase for 5 or 10 years.

Should any manufacturing faults occur, we can cover any repairs or replacements to ensure your business doesn’t lose out.

Get in touch today for a quote on our workpods or to ask about any of the products that we have on offer.

We can help you to find the perfect workpods for the needs of your employees or even your customers.