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Public Spaces Furniture

“Devil is in the details.”, is a common phrase used by designers and people who like to solve puzzles. Yet, it is a paradox when it comes to designing office spaces, public spaces furniture plays a vital role.

This holds true because office spaces are designed on a large scale. Most of the questions that the design is a response to have an impact on more than one activities. 

Thus, when it comes to the details of public spaces furniture, most office managers find themselves underprepared to brief the interior designer.

You can have a brief for the reception, the lobby, the breakout area and even the lounge. But how do you find the right brief for designing public spaces?

The answer is simple. Public spaces are vacant areas that can be used to take care of the issues not resolved by the design.

For instance, if you have an open office design, your co-workers might be facing a ton of noise while working. You can solve this problem by using acoustic furniture.

Interested in knowing how to utilize public space? Keep reading.

Public spaces have been a sore point for office managers for quite some time now. You can put more furniture there since the office still needs some breathing room.

At the same time, if you leave them unattended, it seems like you have wasted a lot of precious real estate space. A simple solution to utilizing public spaces is the installation of work pods.

Pods are prefabricated structures that are built in specific dimensions and for specific purposes. Thus, with pods, you have a ton of creative liberty to solve problems that are not otherwise solved by your office design.

Work pods are generally provided as alternative working areas when you can’t work at your workstation. This can be because you have to focus on a confidential project or simply because you want to focus a little more.

A work pod gives you the temporary privacy that you seek. Since it is not permanently designated for anyone, once you are done, someone else can come and use it. 

Many office managers want to give their teams a dedicated space for conducting their meetings. Yet, since the company is still growing and the real estate space is very limited, they have to postpone the decision to get one.

Meeting pods solve this problem in one go. You can simply put a meeting pod in a vacant area and your team can use it for conducting its meetings. 

Similar to the concept of pods for working and conducting meetings is the concept of phone pods. Pretty much every services business has to conduct conference calls to stay in touch with the client.

As projects get bigger, the con calls get more frequent and more crowded. Soon, you realize that you need a dedicated space to make these calls.

Usually, this space will have enough area to accommodate comfortable seating, a conference phone and a desk. This is where phone pods can be of immense help.

Generally, if you have multiple teams that have to conduct conference calls at different times in a week, a phone pod will help you tremendously.

It is easy to get distracted by the pros of using pods. Not all pods deliver the value that you might have seen here. But if the pod satisfies these criteria, it is great for your business:

  1. It has a modular design that serves a specific purpose.
  2. It has a good noise cancellation design. This makes the pod essentially sound-proof enough for the people inside to conduct their business peacefully.

It fits into the interior design of your office and even enhances it at times. 

Pods are a great way to utilize public spaces. But they are not the only way. You can also use ottomans. Ottomans are seating areas that convert the vacant area into a lounge-like seating place.

There are several modular ottoman options available for you to choose. The best part about ottomans is that they are distinctively different from couches in their design.

Also, if you know what you are doing, you can adopt a set of ottoman seating into any arrangement that seems good to you. 

Utilizing public spaces is tricky. But it doesn’t have to be.

We have been helping businesses utilize the public spaces in their office for a long time now. Whether you have an entire skyscraper as your address or just one corner of a floor – we can help you out.

We understand the nuances of utilizing public spaces. The key idea is to not do anything for the sake of doing it. You should have work pods only if your team members need one and can utilize one. 

Our approach towards putting a value proposition around each unit of furniture differentiates us from other vendors. We use a different philosophy to walk you through the process of buying public spaces furniture.

Before everything else – we give you a free office design consultation session. Although this session is free and might even be fun over a cup of coffee, it is critically important to the process of buying office furniture. 

We sit with you and understand the challenges you are facing with your existing office design. Then, we tailor the public spaces furniture in a way that would solve these problems.

Beyond this, we give you absolute control over the design of the furniture. You can customize the design, colour, material and features of the furniture the way you want.

We understand that furniture is an asset for your business. Your employees will use it to create value for the years to come. Hence, the furniture should be a part of your long-term journey.

This is the exact reason why we take immense care in building our products. Our meticulous process allows us to give industry-unique warranties on everything we offer.

Not just this, we also deliver across all major CBDs in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and Darwin.

The public spaces in your office are waiting to be utilized. You can give them a new value proposition and importance by reaching out to us.

Get your free consultation session – today.