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Activity Based Working

Imagine having an office space where there are no dedicated spaces for working. With open office designs, it is actually easier to imagine this. Now imagine having a home with no dedicated spaces for specific activities. It is difficult, right? There is where activity based working design comes into the picture. 

We have been habituated to using specific spaces in our homes for specific purposes. You sleep in the bedroom, entertain in the drawing-room, eat in the dining room and cook in the kitchen. When we are so used to the benefits of compartmentalizing our living space, why don’t we think about working space the same way?

The key principle behind dividing your home into these spaces is that each space is dedicated to a specific type of activity. According to the activity, space is designed, organized, and equipped. This is the reason why you feel so comfortable at your home.

If you can bring the same level of organization to your office, you can see a steep bump in productivity. Here are a few dedicated activities based working ideas you should think about:

ABW Or Activity Based Working: A dedicated space for collaboration and brainstorming

Everyone loves the open office designs. They do wonders for teams that are not working on tight deadlines or don’t have to report to the client frequently. That said, when the pressure mounts, teams need their own dedicated spaces to work into. You need immediate briefing sessions, conference calls and a generally collaborative approach to finish the project. For this, you can create a dedicated space within the office by using hush pods, surrounded sofas or meeting rooms using Activity based working principles. 

Have temporary office partition screens

You can use the Activity Based Working strategies for giving teams their own spaces when they need them and use a more cost-efficient approach. All you will need is a set of mobile whiteboards that help your teams conduct more effective meetings while still physically cutting them off from the rest of the office.

Give your employees quiet zones

Collaboration and office partitions are great, but some employees will need their own space to work into. This is not about the C-level employees who need cabins because the work they do is strategic and hence confidential.

This is about employees whose work might not invite collaboration – for instance, someone working in website administration, or backend development, or auditing may not need collaboration with her team all the time. These individuals need their dedicated working spaces for a while.

You can use surrounded sofas and hush pods to create these spaces for them.

Thinking about how to create these spaces in your office? Don’t worry, we have all the ideas you will need!

We have been helping businesses redesign, re-plan and reorganize their office spaces for optimizing productivity. Here is the logical and strategic approach we take:

We start with a free design consultation session to help you get the ‘big picture’ idea of the office.

Buying and installing individual pieces of furniture is easy. Just buy it and put it in a corner. But buying several pieces of furniture and assembling them to optimize productivity is a different task. We get the ball rolling by starting off with a free consultation session to put an interior plan in place, in the context of your business goals.

We give you a very wide range of products that we can customize to your needs.

The most innovative and growing companies have their own set of unique challenges. We are cognizant and proactive about this. Hence, we give you a wide range of products in terms of size, colour, form, shape, design and material. On top of the wide range, we customize each product to your needs. 

We bring the product to you – with great ease and warranties. 

Buying office furniture is one thing. Getting it delivered is another. With us on your side, you don’t have to worry about it. We deliver furniture across Australia – in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide and Darwin.

In addition to this, we give warranties that are otherwise unheard of in the industry. We carefully craft each piece of furniture and that helps us give industry-leading warranties on everything you buy from us.

Why wait when you can get started with your free consultation session and revolutionize your office space? Send us an email or give us a call and we will take care of the rest!