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Storage and Filing Furniture

Storage and filing furniture takes care of organising your office documentation and ensuring that you can retrieve them quickly. 

The biggest companies on Earth happen to have a significant business in cloud computing. Both Azure and AWS have upped the ante for cloud storage.

Amidst this technological upgrade, is it even relevant to have filing cabinets in the office? You might be surprised by the answer.

Here is every reason why you still need storage units in the office.

Most IT vendors would like you to believe that cloud storage will make your business go paperless. Those who have been running businesses for a while know that this is far from reality.

While a large amount of work is conducted on computers, businesses of small to medium scale are still dealing with a ton of paperwork.

Contracts, invoices, agreements, pitch-decks, resumes & applications – the trail does not end. You can definitely store these in digital format. But you will need the paper-based version anyway.

The biggest issue with managing a big scale of paperwork comes from the fact that it has to be accessible. While real-time accessibility might be an issue in IT, it’s not a major problem for a cupboard. 

Anyone can open it can get the file. This is why clever office managers prefer investing in good quality filing cabinets instead of more server space.

People who discard storage units as a necessity for offices ignore the fact that these units help people store their belongings as well.

If you want to provide your employees with the convenience of carrying their bag and their belongings to the office, you have to give them the space to place it. 

This space can be in the form of metal lockers or mobile pedestals. As far as people have a space to store their things, you have done your job as a manager. 

Thus, in order to make your papers accessible, to provide a space for storing personal belongings and to keep the office space organized – you will need storage units.

How to decide what type of storage unit will work for your business?

This question will prompt different responses for different businesses. Yet, there is a unified way to solve the issue.

Here is a logical approach you can take:

  1. What are the storage needs of your business?

You should break down the response to this question into two parts – what are the needs of your individual employees and the needs of your collective business.

Employees will generally need personal storage units that are closer to their workstations. Collectively,

your office may need something entirely different. 

Thus, when you are trying to map out the needs of your office in terms of the required filing cabinets and storage units, ensure you are hitting the right balance between employee and departmental needs. 

This is a question only your employees and team leaders can answer. They are the ones who will be using the storage units. Hence, they are the ones who can answer this for you.

If you are in a client-facing business, your employees will need mobile pedestals. This will help your employees keep the client-relevant papers at the distance of a hand. 

So – if you are an ad agency, a consultant or a professional services firm – you have to have mobile pedestals.

If you are in a business where you have to keep a ton of data confidential, you can use a metal locker for storing files and other documents. 

Usually, government contractors and financial institutions have to maintain a high degree of confidentiality. 

If you are one of these two, you should definitely consider having a metal locker in the office. 

  1. What are the constraints for your office?

Once you have understood the needs of your employees, you will see a common theme emerging out of it all – you cannot fulfil all their needs.

You might have limited office space. Or, the required storage units are not in sync with your office plan and design.

Make a list of all these constraints.

What next? Read along!

Once you know what you need and what are challenges you might face – give us a call.

We have been helping businesses get the right filing cabinets and office storage units for years now. We understand the space as consultants, vendors and customers.

This is the reason why our offering is different. Instead of making you go through a catalogue where you are bombarded with irrelevant information, we help you solve a problem.

Now – you know what you are looking for and you know your constraints. We start with a free office design consultation session, that helps you take care of both these aspects.

For instance – if your office space is too restricting, you can choose storage units that help you avoid inefficient usage of office space. Sliding door credenzas are a great solution for this.

Sliding doors ensure that you don’t need double the space to store one unit of the credenza. Since you don’t have doors opening outwards, you are getting the same storage space that uses lesser real estate space. 

Another solution for space constraints is the tambour units. Unlike traditional pedestals and other smaller cupboards, tambours have doors that roll on one side. 

Since we are taking a consulting approach to solving this problem, we focus on the existing office interiors you have. 

To aid uniform design across the office, we offer you both customized and off the shelf storage units. This way you can ensure that the new units are not standing out for the wrong reasons. 

To make things easier for you – we deliver across all major business districts in Australia. 

Whether you have your office in Sydney or Brisbane, Adelaide or Canberra, Darwin or Melbourne – your filing cabinets will reach you in time. 

We strive to give you the office storage and filing units you need. This is the reason why we have a team of excellent craftsmen. Based on their years of experience, we give you the best in class warranties on our offerings.

Whether you want customization in terms of colour, material, shape, form, design or features – our team will ensure that you have it the way you want it.

Get in touch with our team to get your free office design consultation session, today!