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Defence furniture 

When people think about the requirements of the defence agency of a country, all they think about are arms and ammunition. No one thinks about defence furniture.

The reality is quite different. While the defence agencies are responsible for border security, they are still government departments. Like all other departments, they too have offices.

Like all offices – they too need furniture. Since most of the people don’t even imagine a defence employee working on a desk, they don’t think about the furniture they might need.

We don’t think about defence furniture this way. We understand that like all other government agencies, the offices of the defence department also has specific furniture needs. 

Here is why defence furniture needs special care

Most defence departments are given specific furniture for specific requirements. Along with this, they are given a list of essentials a vendor has to fulfil, to be eligible to supply the furniture.

We understand the needs of defence furniture. Like all other government department requirements, it has to meet the quality standards and have a price that fits the budget. 

At the same time, people who are using defence furniture, whether it is army furniture or navy furniture, will be doing work that is imperative for national security. 

Thus, the furniture has to have the right proportions in place. At the same time, it has to be comfortable since the work itself is stressful. The furniture should be a counterweight to this stress.

Whether it is the build quality of the desks, the lumbar support of the chairs or the customized lengths of meeting tables – we will take care of everything. 

Along with this, we know that the typical requirements of defence furniture are different than those of an ordinary office, especially when it comes to aesthetics. 

Hence, instead of giving you a long and arduous list of catalogues with possible designs, we sit with you and understand the problems you are targeting with your defence furniture

These problems may include – design requirements, quality requirements and even the needs for a particular feel. 

If your defence department is working with limited space but wants to utilize all of it – our customized designs will help you achieve that.

If you want a specific type of uniformity with your furniture, that matches the interiors of your office – we will customize the aesthetics for you. 

Not just that – you will have full control over the form and material of the furniture.

Once you know what you want, leave it all to us

We understand that every single day, you are working on problems that most civilians don’t face in their entire lifetime.

Hence, worrying about getting your furniture delivered to you should not be on the list of problems you have. We work with the best of intermediaries and deliver across Australia.

Whether your office is in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Melbourne or Darwin – we will ensure it reaches you in your desired quality.

In case you are planning to revise the interiors of your office, we will give you a free consultation for Defence Agencies to help you plan the interiors more effectively.