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About us - office furniture


At Workstations, we are experts in office furniture. There are many workstations and commercial office furniture styles in the Australian market. We can help you get the right mix in your office and it will make your staff happier and more productive. Every business is different that is why we are here to help.

We are workstation experts

At Workstations.com.au we are experts in workstation systems and commercial office furniture.
We design, manufacture, source and import quality workstation systems and furniture systems.

About us - office furniture
About us - office furniture

We create your optimum office environment

The office space is a vital balance to get right for your staff. We are experts in creating healthy workplaces in order to reduce sick leave, encourage productivity, motivate employees, retain staff, and encourage collaboration. We provide zones for focused work, quiet zones, informal meeting areas, cafe tables, collaboration hubs, open plan offices and use sound-absorbing finishes. Our office design consultants will ask the right questions to make your decision easy. We will plan, design and specify the right workstations and office furniture for your business needs and budget.

Free design consultations

Workstations is the most trusted office furniture brand. Our expert consultants will put you on the right track with a free design consultation and create a plan to improve the productivity of your staff. We work with the best interior designers in Sydney to maximise your space and work out the optimum requirements individually tailored to your business needs.

About us - office furniture
About us - office furniture

Office space planning

We create 2D and 3D space plans or office layouts and 3D furniture renders to help you visualise your space.Contact us NOW to book your free design consultation.

ISO 9001

About us - office furniture

Workstations  ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System is integrated into our entire operational control system. This gives us seamless control and visibility into our manufacturing, supply and installation processes via our PSM software system. Our PSM system also gives you, the customer full transparency into your order or fit-out, so we can address any issues or delays before they become an issue. No other Company can provide this level of transparency into their operation. It is part of our Performance guarantee to you.

Quality Policy

Workstations will source and provide and install office and healthcare furniture that meet or exceed our Quality requirements and the customers  requirements whilst assisting in creating Indigenous opportunity. To achieve this we are committed to continual improvement across our business and processes. We will regularly review and improve our quality objectives and processes. We understand that there are both internal and external issues that affect our Quality and our systems are designed to capture,  measure review and take proactive actions to improve Quality both internally and externally.

Environmental Management System

Workstations has an Environmental Management System to ensure compliance with Environmental requirements and to focus our business and the wider Indigenous business community on the need for sustainable manufacture and procurement. Workstations is also committed as part of its training and development of Indigenous Community’s business skills to assisting the wider deployment of EMS standards across Indigenous SME.

Sustainable Development Goals