Office Furniture Accessories

Real estate salespeople understand the power of accessories. This is why they don’t prefer showing an empty house to potential leads. 

The same principle applies to offices. Can you work just with a desk and a light in the middle of a room? Sure. But not for long. And definitely not at your most productive rate. 

Most of the human beings who work in modern-day offices require office furniture accessories to perform at their best levels.

If you believe you can cut costs and give the bare minimum furniture to your employees – you are partially correct. 

You will definitely save costs in the short run. But as the productivity slumps and your employees face fatigue frequently, the costs will go back up more aggressively.

What type of office furniture accessories should you consider?

There are a whole bunch of ways to think about office accessories. You can start by thinking about the roles they perform in the office. 

An office furniture accessory can add to the aesthetics you have in place. These accessories would include partition screens, lights, indoor plants and décor. 

Office furniture accessories can be supportive to your already existing furniture. These can be footrests or CPU holders or monitor holders in the office.

The best way to understand what type of accessories you might need is by deep-diving into the functions of each accessory:

Lighting: Designers who understand how to play with light can make or break the environment you have in the office.  

With the right lighting in place, you can make the smallest of real estate space feel ample and the other way round. 

Not just this, lighting has a direct correlation with employee productivity. If you can have your lighting replicate natural light – your employees will feel happier.

The reason behind this is simple. Offices are an artificial construct, and they have been around only for a few centuries. 

On the other hand, we still feel a sense of belonging when we are amidst nature. Thus, you can use your lighting in the office to optimize the mood within the office.

CPU Holders & Monitor Holders: These two accessories have a tremendous impact on productivity in the office.

Most business operators don’t consider these two accessories when they are making a list of essential office furniture requirements.

If you visit the office of a high-level engineer or a trader at a financial services firm, you will definitely find these two accessories.

Why? Because they provide excellent support to your most important gadget – the computer.

CPU holders have become an integral part of office furniture accessories. They help you keep your CPU in its optimized condition.

The right CPU holders will let your CPU stay cool even in the most used hours 

At the same time, the monitor holder augments the longevity of your monitor. It immunes your screen from sudden shock and crash on the desk. 

It also pushes you to have the right posture while sitting at work.

Indoor Plantations: These plantations play right into our need as humans to be amidst nature. If we can’t go to nature, we can bring nature to our workspaces.

Indoor plantations have several use-cases. You can use them as pieces of décor or even as partition screens between teams.

Some offices also prefer putting their indoor plantations on display right at the office entrance or in visitor rooms.

If you use them in the office, you can stay assured that they are impacting the productivity of your employees by making them feel more comfortable 

Plus, the green colour makes you feel refreshed after you have worked on a screen for long hours in your workday.

Seating Accessories: As the name suggests, these accessories are imperative for your seating area. 

One of the most common ones in the category – is the footrest ottoman. If you try to get one built into the desk, it might end up costing you more.

Instead – you can get a footrest separately and use it along with the desk. That way, you can move it whenever necessary.

You should also consider putting chair mats. Most office managers don’t consider chair mats as a necessity – until one of the chair wheels start scratching the floor.

Beyond the wheels scratching the floor tiles, there is a genuine reason why chair mats are practical. They provide more grip, so the chair doesn’t slip often.

And they ensure that whatever falls from the chair, does not stain the floors.

Additionally, you should have what is called a healthy duo – adjustable height desk and back support.

The height-adjustable desk ensures that you have an option to stand and finish your work. The back support ensures you don’t hurt your back while sitting.

Here’s how we can help.

There are so many possible combinations of office accessories that it is borderline impossible to get it right just by sheer chance.

Hence, we take a consulting approach. We map out all your impediments in your office. And then, we design solutions to solve them one by one.

To add to this – we give you absolute freedom in choosing the colour, size, form, shape, design and material that you believe is suitable for your business.

Not just this; we know it is not easy to have quality maintenance. Hence, we take special care in crafting our products and provide best in class warranties. 

Some office managers are not worried about the budget, the quality or the design of the office furniture accessories. All they want is timely delivery.

We ensure quality, great aesthetics and a bill that fits your budget, while still delivering across Australia – in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Darwin and Canberra.

So, reach out to our team today itself. You can use email or phone to do so. Our team will get in touch with you and provide you with a free office interior design consultation session!