Office Desks

Our range of office desks at features a broad range of desks, suitable for any official purpose. With everything from fixed-height desks and corner desks to both manually and electrically adjustable desks, we have something for every office application.

We’re experts in all things related to workstations, and we have carefully selected our products to meet the needs of modern businesses.

Office desks are an essential part of any office, and getting the right setup is important for the comfort of your staff, as well as for productivity and the overall image of your office. Take a look at our range of office desks to find the office furniture that’s right for your business.

Corner Desks

When you need a space-saving solution, a corner desk is an ideal choice. It fits neatly into a corner, which often ends up as dead space, so you can make the most of even the smallest office.

L-shaped desks are ideal for fitting into corners, while some other desks are smaller and slot more neatly into a limited amount of space. Some corner workstations also come with plenty of storage, helping to make even more of the space that you have available and making it easier to keep things organised too.

Reception Desks and Counter Units

The office reception is the first point where most visitors will get a feel for your business. It’s important to provide a welcoming space, and also consider how it can help your reception staff to run a tight ship.

Our reception desks offer the perfect place for greeting guests, receiving packages and dealing with anyone else who comes into your office.

They also provide plenty of workspace for carrying out administrative tasks and keeping the face of the business running, from answering phone calls to scheduling appointments and organising paperwork.

Ergonomic Desks

The comfort of your employees is extremely important if you want them to be happy and productive. Sitting at a desk all day can have a number of effects on health and mood, so taking steps to help make your staff more comfortable benefits your business.

Being able to adjust the height of a desk is key if you want to offer maximum comfort and boost productivity.

When employees can adjust how high their desk is, they can set it at a level that works for their size and adjust their chair to fit too.

Sit stand desks even allow them to work standing up, which has been shown to have some benefits in an office environment.

Manual Height Adjustable Desks

Desks that can be adjusted manually are ideal for creating the perfect workspace. Each employee can adjust their desk so that it’s a comfortable height for their needs.

If a desk is shared by more than one person using it at different times, each of them can adjust the height to suit them. They also allow for adjustments for different types of working, so you can get the right height for any tasks or office setups.

It’s easy to change the height of a desk manually, and even corner options are available for space saving solutions.

Electric Sit Stand Adjustable Desks

As well as manually adjustable desks, we also have electric sit-stand desks that can be adjusted at the touch of a button. An electric adjustment makes it easy to raise and lower your desk to any position you prefer.

Standing desks have become more and more popular over the last several years, and they have been associated with a number of benefits.

Standing while working can be good for the back and have other health benefits, and it might make workers more alert and productive too. However, standing at all times might not be ideal, so a sit-stand desk offers the best of both worlds. Office workers can decide when to sit and stand and get the benefits of both.

Executive Desks

Executive offices require the right desks not just to provide a practical workspace but also create the right image.

An executive desk needs plenty of space for getting work done, and may also need to have enough space for an assistant or an employee to come for a meeting.

Our range of executive desks ensures you have what you need to run your office efficiently. We have everything from simple designs to more stylish options, and choices including sit stand desks, L-shaped desks and more.

We have options for executive meeting rooms to provide space for a number of people at once, including office furniture ranges that easily fit together.

Desks for Multiple People

Office Desks for space for multiple people are ideal for meetings, working as a team or simply saving space. We have large desks that can fit a number of workstations, as well as desks that can be configured in various ways to fit together.

Bring your team together with desks for 2, 3, 4 or even 6 people so that everyone can share the same workspace and coordinate as a group. We can help you to plan your office space so that you make the most of the space you have available and create an office setup that works for your business. doesn’t just sell office desks and workstations. As experts in workstation systems and office furniture, we plan, design, supply and install everything that you could need for your office.

If you’re unsure about which desks would suit your office best, we can help you to find the perfect solutions for your team. We’ll discuss your budget and your requirements to help you plan your office and choose the desks that meet your needs.

Discover our desks to create the perfect setup for your office, whether you need a receptionist desk, desks for your executive offices or workspaces for every member of your office staff.

There’s a right desk for every purpose and every office, so get in touch if you need help deciding which desks are right for your business.