Presentation – Whiteboards / Pinboards

Whatever the size, scope, and nature of your business we’re guessing that you have a range of presentation needs. Even in the digital age, where so much of the way in which we communicate, send, receive and interrogate data is handled electronically, there will always be a need for physical presentation solutions.

However, the presentation and display needs for most enterprises are multifaceted. Workspaces will likely have a need for a range of different kinds of whiteboards for different presentations.

Not all businesses are created equally. Some are seeded by wealthy investors and some are very capital intensive. But there is one area where everything is in the founder’s hands – creativity.

You can create a more creative business even in a competitive environment. All you have to do is aid your team’s creativity with the right presentation of media technology.

Most business operators believe that presentation media is necessary only in service businesses or in ad agencies. The reality is different.

If you are working on new products or ideas every now and then, you have to have a dedicated room with updated presentation media technology.

The mobile whiteboards which are wheeled into conference rooms will be needed as well as static whiteboards for workspaces in which display needs are constant and ever-changing.

These once again will be different to the needs of the workplace common room or staff room where a display board might be used to display flyers, posters, and other information which will keep employees abreast of workplace happenings and out of work activities.

We understand that a business’s display needs are as unique as the business itself. That’s why we offer a host of presentation and display solutions including;

Magnetic Glass boards

It’s not just what you display on a board that makes a statement. The board itself makes a statement, too. Businesses who base their brands around staying ahead of the creative and technological curve may feel that a glass board presents a more contemporary alternative to a traditional whiteboard that is more befitting their brand.

Our stunning glass boards are available in a wide range of sizes. Each is made out of toughened 4mm safety glass with a frameless, polished edge and rounded corners. Its magnetic surface is completely non-porous and will never ghost or stain. Our glass boards also include an acrylic pen tray.

For large boardrooms or workspaces with partitioning needs, we also have a range of stunning glass wall dividers which are beautiful, durable and can be linked together to create any kind of shape.

The canvas backing fabric on which the stunning designs are printed is individually hand stitched and more durable than most commercial seating fabrics.

Wall mounted and magnetic whiteboards

From schools to offices, the humble whiteboard has a hallowed place wherever information needs to be presented or displayed. Our wall-mounted whiteboards are made to the highest standards with an aluminum frame that conceals their secure corner mounting.

Our whiteboards have a hard-wearing surface so that they will not pick up tiny dents, chips, and scratches which could cheapen the image with which your brand is associated.

Some of our whiteboards are also magnetic to allow for easy display of printed infographics, flyers, and posters with magnets. Our magnetic whiteboards come in a wide range of sizes while non-magnetic whiteboards are singularly available in 600 x 900 mm.

Mobile whiteboards

Larger operations with many meeting and presentation rooms may find that installing one or two mobile whiteboards is a more cost-effective and space-saving alternative to installing whiteboards in every space which could have display needs.

Our mobile whiteboards also boast a hard-wearing magnetic surface encased within a pearl silver powder-coated frame.

They have a sturdy locking mechanism to prevent movement while writing on the board while the strong and easily lockable castors bring you mobility and stability when you need them most.

Pinboards and cork boards

Pinboards and cork boards are a great way of displaying and organizing all kinds of different information. They can be used in office spaces for assembling, collating and organizing information for ease of access and quick reference.

Where would all those TV and movie detectives be without the humble pinboard?

Of course, pinboards and cork boards are also welcome in spaces where little or no work gets done. They can be a great platform with which to communicate with your employees in the spaces in which they relax.

They’re a great place to display information on how your company or your team are performing. They can play host to your weekly newsletter or display pretty much any information that’s of value to your workforce.

Here’s how presentation media technology can add value to your business. 

There are several reasons for an ambitious business operator to consider investing in good presentation media technology:

  1. It creates a professional working environment in the office. Yes, you can make a presentation on a laptop but there was a reason Steve Jobs did not do it this way. 

You have to set up the idea in the right for it to be noticed. Right presentation media will help you do exactly that.

It shows your investors and employees that you’re growing: You can have a board meeting in a normal meeting area and distribute printed datasheets.

Or, you can have the apt data visualization in place, using the right presentation media technology

With the latter option, you will be able to make the nuances of your business more accessible to everyone in the audience. 

It makes your team members take their job seriously: If you know the difference in productivity levels when an employee works from home versus when she works in the office, you would know the role a good working environment plays in aiding productivity.

Your investment in the right presentation media technology will make your employees take their job seriously. 

All of this eventually adds to the productivity levels across the company and before you know it – all the investments in the presentation media have paid for itself!

You should consider these installations for better presentation experiences. 

Here are a few furniture pieces that can enhance the different faces of your presentations:

Idea Generation Furniture: As the name suggests, these tools aid to your idea generation process. You can use whiteboards, pinboards and even glass boards to catalyze your creative processes. 

There are several ways to use these tools. For instance, you can use them for brainstorming and mind-mapping sessions. 

Idea Presentation Furniture: Once you are done with working on your ideas and want to present them to your stakeholders, you can use these tools.

You can use a combination of a media wall with apt screens and media devices. 

For very personalized presentations, you can use a smart surround tech incorporated conference table with an embedded screen, partition screen and plug-point.

How we can help

We stock a wide variety of different presentation and display boards to completely service the needs of any business regardless of size or industry. What’s more, if you don’t find something that meets your requirements on our website we can create a bespoke display board just for you.

Get in touch with us today if you like the idea of collaborating with us on a unique display solution that’s custom-designed to suit the unique needs of your business.

We can create any of the above solutions (or a combination of different types of display board) to suit you!

Why choose us?

At we work collaboratively with our customers to deliver the very best presentation and display boards, customised to their specific needs.

We work tirelessly to deliver the fastest lead times and the best prices. Our level of customer service is second to none and we pride ourselves on our ability to give customers a level of support that our competitors cannot match.

We’re best practice certified and ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System is integrated into our entire operational control system, giving us seamless control and visibility into our manufacturing.

We also understand that sustainability and eco-conscience are important to you… and they’re important to your customers. We know that like us you have made a commitment to sustainability.

This is why our office furniture is made from e-board; a versatile and sturdy material developed to buck the wasteful trends of the Australian business furniture industry.

Our e-Board is made from 92% recycled timber from old desks. When a piece of furniture reaches the end of its natural life we recycle it again. Its lifecycle data is recorded time after time, generation after generation.

We’re committed to helping our customers fulfil their own sustainability plans. You can read more about our sustainability goals (and get to know us a little better) here.

So, you can be assured that not only do our presentation and display boards meet the highest quality standards, they’re also ethically sourced.

Want to know more? Get in touch with us today! We can’t wait to bring your workplace displays to life!

Most of the business operators get cold feet when they start thinking about getting presentation media technology. Don’t worry; we are here to help you out.

We don’t take a textbook approach. We start with giving you a free consultation session and understand your business goals as well as challenges. 

Post this, we help you select between custom-made and readily available options. And then, we deliver your furniture across all major locations in Australia – Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Melbourne and Darwin.

We also provide best in class warranties on all our offerings. So, avail your free consultation session today by reaching out to our team!