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Government furniture

People usually are not aware of the intensity of work that goes on in a government office. Hence, naturally, they are not aware of government furniture and how it differs from the same in a company.

You can pick any movie or series which revolves around the lives of government employees. Every single place shows government offices as places of monotony. 

They all show the same contrast – government offices are covered in wood, and corporate offices have fun, pizzazz and colours.

These are just some visual cues that people use to judge government offices. We look at government furniture in a different manner.

First and foremost – we understand the nuance of government furniture. When you are running a government agency/department, you are hiring people for perpetuity.

While this works well for the employees, the government has to ensure a critical factor – the employee’s health.

Hence, we bring to you a comprehensive furniture solution that takes care of all your government furniture needs. 

Here is every reason you should consider partnering with for your government furniture needs

We start with the fundamental premise – government furniture has to fit into the specific government budget. With us on your side, that will no longer be an issue! 

We understand that there are price constraints to what the government orders. But this should not impact the quality of the products that the government employees use.

Hence we provide a comprehensive set of solutions: 

Price: We offer straight up discount pricing on the government furniture we produce. We know that your department deserves quality furniture. 

Credit Line: Once the government agency has decided to order a particular set of furniture – there is still a good amount of clearances involved. To match up with that, we offer 30-day credit lines. 

Bulk Buying: Now, several government departments often go out to buy furniture in one go – when the budgets are cleared out. This is why we offer bulk buying options for Government Furniture.

So, if you are a government agency or a government department, you can buy cheaper, in more significant quantities and take up to a month to pay. 

Wait – there’s more.

Most office furniture will be right for companies and horrible for government offices.  

Why? The funky coloured chairs that look great in Google’s office would not look equally good when the government is up to take serious decisions. 

This shows the contrast that lies between a corporate setup and a government office’s establishment. We understand this and tailor our offerings accordingly.

We offer your customized solutions for your government furniture needs. You can choose from a wide range of materials, shapes, sizes and colours to suit your department’s needs.

Not just this, if you are revamping the entire office, we can provide you with a free office interior planning consultation session.

Our goal is simple – we help you get the best pieces of furniture that will work for your department without making you adjust the approved budget.  

Get in touch with our team today, and we can get the process started in no time!