Tables are a basic staple for any business. Whether you need them around the office for your staff or you need tables for your customers to sit at, it’s essential to have surfaces to work at, eat at and talk at. has a diverse supply of tables for any business, ranging from meeting tables to dining tables.

We can help you plan and design the setup of your business furniture to make sure you get the right table.

Boardroom Table

Our boardroom and conference desks help you to facilitate organised meetings, giving all attendees equal footing so opinions and expertise can be shared easily. We have a broad range of large boardroom desks, and can even make custom boardroom tables to fit your business needs exactly.

Choose a table that’s the right size for your needs, no matter how many people need to attend your meetings or conferences. We have a choice of styles, from traditional to more contemporary so you can choose the right table for your brand.

Meeting Table

For smaller meeting rooms, take a look at our meeting tables for creative solutions. As well as standard tables, we have options such as flip top, tilt, and portable tables that you can move from room to room or reposition within a room.

Meeting desks are available in a range of sizes and styles, with round and rectangular worktops to choose from. Whether you need tables for small groups or larger ones, choose from our selection of meeting tables.

Flip Top Tables

A flip top table is a great space-saving option for your business. When they’re not in use, they can be folded down and pushed out of the way or stored somewhere until they’re needed. They can easily fit stacked into each other, so you can keep a number of tables on standby for whenever you might need them.

Ideal for businesses that run training sessions or need to be able to use their space in a flexible way, these tables are perfect.

Laptop Table

Laptops are a staple device for any office employee and others too. However, despite their name, they aren’t exactly designed for use on your lap. They need to be on a solid surface to keep them working well, which is why it’s essential to have a laptop table.

Our laptop tables are compact, making it easy to move them wherever you need them. Use them on a sofa in a breakout space or anywhere you can find a seat to work on your laptop.

Bar Table

A bar-height table is a great choice for creating a more casual feel, whether it’s in a meeting room or a breakout space. Choose bar tables if you want to make your employees feel more at home or perhaps if you’re creating spaces for your customers to relax and enjoy themselves. Combine them with our bar stools and chairs for style and comfort.

Cafe Table

Create a welcoming atmosphere in your cafe or a casual space in your office with our range of cafe tables. A diverse choice of styles and sizes gives you the ability to design a space that works for your brand.

Make your waiting room as comfortable and stylish as possible or set up breakout spaces for your employees with options to create spaces for two, four or more people. Our cafe tables are suitable for any business.

Dining Tables

Furnish your restaurant or eatery with our range of dining counters. With tables that are suitable for everything from restaurants to workplace cafeterias, will supply you with the dining tables that you need.

Find dining tables of all sizes, whether you want to seat two or three people or eight or more. With adaptable table systems, you can choose different sizes and shapes in the same style for a diverse range of dining spaces in your cafe or restaurant.

Outdoor Table

Many businesses can benefit from outdoor tables, from cafes, restaurants and pubs to offices that want to offer outdoor spaces for staff. An outdoor table needs to be durable and able to withstand the elements.

Our outdoor table options allow you to create alfresco eating areas, set up breakout spaces and give either customers or employees somewhere to enjoy the outdoors on your premises.

Durable materials including iron, aluminium, and laminate make our outdoor tables perfect for using outside.

Side Table

Side tables play an essential role in any space. They’re ideal for holding anything and everything, especially items that don’t fit onto any other surface. They’re also excellent decorative pieces of furniture and don’t have to be used for anything practical.

If you want to display ornaments and accessories in your office or other business premises, these are perfect. We have a broad selection of designs so that you can choose the side table that works best for your business and fit in with your overall interiors.

Coffee Table

Coffee tables are a must-have for cafes, but they’re also a great choice for breakout spaces and break areas for employees in other environments. They are also useful for waiting rooms, reception areas, and lobbies, where you can provide magazines and other literature for people who are waiting.

Take a look at our different styles and shapes, and inquire about custom coffee benches if you’re looking for something unique.

Choose from our extensive range for your business to provide for your employees and customers.