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Side Tables

Side tables are a useful addition to any office or workplace. They are practical pieces of furniture that also offer an aesthetic advantage to many rooms too. Side tables are smaller tables that serve a range of purposes.

They can help to complete an office setup, add to a waiting room or offer surfaces in dead spaces and through ways like corridors and even stairwells.

They make useful surfaces either standing on their own or sitting alongside sofas, chairs, and other seating.

Office Side Table Uses

Side tables can serve a lot of purposes in an office or business environment. They’re often easy to move around, so they provide flexible surfaces that you can use in different ways.

A side table offers the perfect table to use when sitting on more casual seating, from waiting room chairs to breakout area sofas.

They can be useful for resting things, writing, typing, and working on, or just for displaying decorative items. Side tables are a great choice for breakout spaces because they can be moved easily and used in different ways.

Side Table Styles

Office side tables come in a wide range of styles, whether you’re looking for something sleek and modern or you want a more traditional design.

Our side tables include simple rectangular and square tables, laptop tables, tray tables, rounded tables, and more. There are different colours and sizes available so that you can choose the side tables that work best for your business.

Take a look at our selection of quality side tables to find a style that delivers both practically and aesthetically.

Custom Options can offer custom side tables to supply the perfect tables for your business. We use local timbers to create custom solutions so that you can make your furniture fit your workplace. Just enquire with us to start consulting with one of our sales representatives, and we can come up with the perfect solutions for your business.

In just a few weeks, we can create custom office furniture that suits your brand’s style and offers you the practical tables that you need.


Our side table products all come with solid warranties, with many products including a 5-year or even 10-year warranty.

You can be sure that you receive excellent quality side tables with the reassurance that they are guaranteed to last for a long time.

If you have any problems with your new side tables, you can simply get in touch for repairs or replacements. Our committed staff will help you with all of your wants and needs.

Delivery and Installation Australia-wide

We deliver and install all of our products across Australia, including in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Darwin, Canberra, and more.

Our dedicated services will help you with all of your needs, from side tables to other tables and types of furniture.

Get in touch with us today to ask about any of our products and how we can help you plan your workspace to serve both your staff and your customers or clients.