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Breakout Zone Furniture

Breakout Zone Furniture gives an edge to your working environment where productivity & health thrives.

There is a key difference between humans and machines – if machines get a steady source of energy, they can function at identical levels of productivity.

Humans, on the other hand, have phases of over and under productivity. Modern capitalism has taught us all – the quality of the output is much more important than the quantity.

In order to provide the best quality of work, your team members have to stay in a relaxed state of mind. This is when they are at their creative best. 

Now, relaxation does not equate to massage areas and therapeutic centres in the office. A breakout zone can do the job for you.

The key idea behind investing in a breakout zone is simple – it helps your team members stay relaxed, so when they are actually working, their output quality is consistently top-notch. 

A breakout zone can set the culture of your office and optimize the productivity of everyone in the office. Want to know more about breakout zones? Read along!

What is breakout zone and what do you need to set up the perfect breakout zone?

Breakout lounges have been around for a while. But when Google and Facebook became mainstream companies, these became the norm for all major companies.

Breakout zone is the area in your office which is used by your employees for a little time off work. You can equate it with a ‘relaxing’ zone within the office.

Why do you need it? It’s simple. Most of the companies these days have people working very hard and going beyond their job descriptions to get things done.

Amidst all of this, it is easier for employees to feel jaded and overworked. If there is a dedicated space for them to go and wind down for a while, it helps them keep their fatigue in check.

Breakout lounges usually consider good furniture, a relaxing theme and some amusement activities. Believe it or not, the amusement activities are not as important as they may seem.

Most of your employees will be equally happy – whether they are playing a videogame, a foosball game or having a sandwich in the breakout area.

The key factor you have to account for is how you can help your employees relax. Google has special sleeping ponds. But, your company may not have the luxury of having big real estate space.

So, what you can focus on instead is the breakout furniture. This will include the chairs, tables, storage units and other pieces of furniture.

Here is how you can set up the right breakout area furniture.

Understand this – breakout furniture is principally different from all other types of furniture in the office. This is because it serves a different purpose.

Most of the furniture in the office is meant to aid productivity. Breakout furniture is supposed to help your employees relax as much as possible. 

A simple way to think about this resides in the way you define the area. Instead of calling it a zone or an area of the office, you should call it breakout lounge. That changes things by definition.

If you have ever visited a lounge, you must be aware of the basic setup – there are high-rising bar counters, chairs that match the heights of the counter, beanbags and a comfortable seating area.

When you are trying to organize the breakout lounge in your office, you should be focusing on these key components: 

Breakout Chairs: These chairs will be different from your working area chairs. The first thing that you should focus on is this – the chairs should not resemble the other chairs in your office.

This is important because you want your employees to stay away from work for a while and hence wouldn’t want anything to remind them they are still at work. 

You can play around with designs and colours when it comes to breakout chairs. Usually, the best breakout lounges have bar stools, beanbags, sofas and lounge seating. 

Breakout Tables: The type of breakout tables that you should have will depend on what are the amenities you are providing in the breakout lounge

It is usually recommended that you put together a roundtable or a bar-table. These would help people sit in groups and conduct discussions, even if they are not related to work.

If you have a gaming console in place, you might also want a table that can accommodate it. Consoles often get heated. Thus, the table’s material should be in sync with heat resistance.

You can also put a small library or storage unit for people to come and store their books and other belongings. Some people like to use these when they are away from work. 

Want to give your team the best possible breakout lounge without disturbing your budget? We can help. 

It is very easy to go over the budget when you are trying to setup a breakout lounge. It is like a small club within the office. 

You can go over the board with amenities, chairs, tables, paints, décor and everything else that makes it a really relaxing but equally expensive lounge. 

We help you avoid that mistake. We start with a free consultation session over a cup of coffee. Here, we talk about what are the key problems you are targeting in the office.

Whether it is work fatigue, long hours or just a simple lounge space – we can help you conceptualize it all. The best part – you won’t be shedding a dime for this. 

By the end of this session, you will have your own office interior design plan ready. This will help you both visualize the lounge and focus on the necessary breakout furniture you will need for it.

Once you have chosen the pieces of furniture you want to go for, you can leave the rest to us. We employ a team of experienced furniture experts and delivery partners.

This is why we are able to give industry-leading warranties on all our offerings. On top of this, we deliver across all major CBDs in Australia – Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Darwin and Melbourne. 

You can start the trajectory of aggressive growth for your business by setting up the right breakout lounge. Get in touch with our team today to get your free consultation session!