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Soft Wiring

If you have ever worked in a modern-day office, you must be aware of the two culprits that cause maximum stress to all employees – Monday morning meetings and uncovered cables. Now, there is not much we can do about the Monday morning meetings. But uncovered cables don’t have to cause the stress anymore! You can use soft wiring to take care of the problem.

The key issues that uncovered cables cause employees largely have to do with their safety and productivity. An employee may end up tripping over an uncovered cable.

Or worse, someone may end up spilling something on the cable and it may cause unnecessary disruption in the workplace.

What can you do with soft wiring?

There are a whole lot of ways in which you can use soft-wiring. Beyond the safety issues, uncovered cables also stand out for the wrong reasons amidst your office interiors. 

The easiest way to work around desk cables is by not using them in open areas. 

For instance – if you and your team sit around one table, you can use power rails, fuel boxes, and desk power boxes to eliminate the usage of uncovered wires. 

Even after doing this, you might have some cables in the office that you can’t integrate within the tables. For these cables, you can use caskets, free bridges, or snake coverings. 

Caskets are the most commonly used solution because of their adaptability. You can practically use them in as many ways as you want to. Plus, they are cost-efficient.

Free bridges serve as soft wiring for cables that are long-running through the office. These cable protectors are for wirings that are active round the clock. 

Finally, you have the alternative to have the snakes. These are supporting coverings that run just beneath the desks. They work well for high-performing computers that require thick cables.

Want some professional help in taking care of uncovered cables in your office? Look no further

It is not that difficult to get coverings for the cables in your office. But, you will have to decide what is it that you want to achieve with these cables and what are the constraints you are facing.

For instance – do you know the right number and length of soft wiring you may need? Or have you thought about how well you manage the office interior designs with the soft wiring in place?

If you are a full-time business operator or office manager, there is a high chance you might not have the time to look into these issues.

As a result, even after spending a fortune, you may end up with frugal seeming results. 

We can help you avoid this situation. When you have us on your side, you won’t have to worry about any of the above-listed issues.

We start by giving you a free consultation session and help you out with your office interior design plan and how can we integrate soft wiring with it. 

Then, we deliver the under desk cable management systems to your office, irrespective of where you are. Whether you have an office in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Darwin, or Canberra – we will ensure your wirings and coverings reach you in time. 

What else – we top it with one of the best in market warranties on all our offerings. 

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