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Open Office Furniture

Every year, architects, designers and office planners celebrated across the globe come up with new office design ideas, open office furniture is one of them.

Some of these trends for a while and some of these prove to be a fad. One such trend that has stood by the test of time for both right and wrong reasons, is the trend of open plan office furniture.

For anyone who does not understand the concept, visit the working space at Facebook and the one at a bank in your city. You will see clear differences.

In order to define an open office plan, one can simply eliminate the concept of cabins and cubicles in the office. What you are left with, is the simplest version of the open office. 

But beyond that, an open office plan gives you the freedom to work the way you want to work. No one will give you a cabin and make you sit in it all day long.

Open office plans have given rise to ideas like hot-desking and adaptive workplace furniture. The benefits are immense:

  1. The company gets to save costs by not having to put up cubicles and cabins for everyone.
  2. The business flourishes because now there is physical proximity between people’s workstations. This will give a natural rise to collaboration.
  3. New recruits will see this as a sign of dynamic work culture, devoid of strong hierarchies. 

Open office plans are great. But they also have a downside – they take away the concept of privacy from the workplace. This can cause distractions and hamper productivity.

Is there a way to deal with this? Yes. Read ahead to find out how you can execute an open office plan the right way.

First things first – here is the basic type of furniture you will need for an open office plan.

Even with an open office plan, you will need desks and chairs in the office. The key difference is in the type of desks and chairs that are used.

When you adopt the open office plan, you are telling your co-workers that you want a more collaborative and employee-customized workspace. The furniture should reflect this message. 

Here is how you can achieve that:

Office Desk Runs: The most important aspect of the open office design are the desks and the workstations. 

You can get everything else wrong and still have the open office design work, at least in the definition. But if the office workstation runs are not as they should be, you will do more damage than good.

The desks have to be closely installed, such that their proximity is in the most optimal state. In addition to this, you can give your employees an option to go for sit-stand desks for an open-plan office.

The idea is to let the employees decide what they want. Once you have provided the desks and workstations as an exoskeleton, the employees can modify them to their own comfort.

Office Chairs for Open Plan Office Design: Once you figured out how to use the desks, you can move ahead with the chairs.

The chairs have to be comfortable, adjustable and movable. Now, almost all office chairs are designed for comfort. But you have to ensure the other two criteria are satisfied as well.

Each chair should provide an adjustment option for height and should have an ergonomic structure. Since the desks are in close proximity, the mobility of chairs will also help in saving time. 

Partitions, Screens and Pods: Now you come to the part where you are fixing the flaws in the open office design.

As we saw earlier, the open office design is great for the business since it saves costs and also inspires collaboration. 

The only flaw your team members might have to deal with is the noise and distractions that come when you remove cubicles and cabins.

There are quite a few cost-efficient ways to deal with this. The easiest way is to use partition screens. These are screens that can be mounted on the workstation.

You can also use mobile partition screens to create ‘zones’ in the office. Yet, the best way to deal with the privacy and noise issue is by using pods.

Pods act as public spaces with a confined design. Here, teams can conduct meetings and conference calls. They don’t take as much space as conference rooms do but get the job done anyway.

Feeling a little confused? Don’t worry. We have your back!

We have seen office managers and business operators get a little confused on where to draw the line for open office design.

Some end up using too many partition screens. Some don’t want to use any. The optimal solution is often lost in translation, as entrepreneurs try to interpret interior design lingo. 

We can help you simply skip this process. We understand that it is difficult to understand and execute open office plan furniture by itself.

When you try to do it while running a full-time business, the task becomes all the more gargantuan. Hence, we stand by you on all the steps of the process.

We get the ball rolling by giving you a free office design consultation session. Most probably, you would either be moving into a new space or planning to redo your existing office plan.

Irrespective of what your current office design is, we help you figure out an office interior design from the ground up. 

We start with listing out specific problems pertaining to your office and then solve them with our open office plan furniture ideas. 

Once that is done, we give you a full range of alternatives that can be customized to your taste in terms of colour, design, shape and even materials. We provide industry pioneering warranties to top it off.

You might be conducting your business in Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney or Darwin. We will ensure that you get your office furniture in the design you desired and the time you desired.

You can avail your free office design consultation session today. Just get in touch with our team and leave it all to us!