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Training / Conference Room Furniture

Training / Conference Room Furniture is as crucial as office desks & office workstations.

Imagine – there are two businesses. One is ABC Inc. and the other is DEF Pty Ltd. Both of them are in the same industry. Their founders have an identical educational background.

When ABC starts growing, it starts investing in its people’s training. When DEF starts growing, it invests in a fancy office space, expensive technology upgrades and hiring more people. 

After a specific period, which company will grow the most? The answer is obvious. ABC, the company which invested in its people, will reap more benefits.

This is a key lesson taught in business schools. When you invest in your own people, you get exponential returns. Because they stay with you and provide you with upgraded talents at lesser costs. 

The investment in people starts with training and development. And investing in training and development starts with putting together the right conference room furniture.

Want the apt conference room furniture? Here is how you can get it.

Training room furniture is different than the furniture used in other areas of the office. In other areas, each unit of furniture serves one person at a time.

For the conference room, the conference room chairs and the table have to serve a group of people. To add to this, people are habituated to working at their desks.

But sitting in a training room and acquiring a new skill set is a challenge in itself. Hence, the conference room furniture should act as a catalyst to the learning process of your co-workers. 

In order to begin listing out the requirements of the perfect set of training room furniture, you should list out the type of training sessions you will conduct in the room.

Usually, the training sessions would include whiteboard lectures, brainstorming sessions, audio-video lessons and group activities. You might also have individual sessions for mentoring.

In an everyday conference room, you will already have a multimedia screen, a conference phone, a conference table and some conference room chairs. This set up does not work for training.

Training and development start with setting the right environment. This is the reason why more and more universities are working on creative collaborative classrooms.

Gone are the days when step lecture halls were sufficient. Now, the experience has to be more collaborative and yet personal.

When this is to be done in the context of corporate training, the need for appropriate furniture only goes up. Now, the key issue with the traditional conference room setup is pretty apparent.

Tradition conference rooms are built for roundtable discussions. If you have to conduct one too many sessions, it becomes a bit tedious for the people sitting across the roundtable. 

At the same time, if you have to conduct any group activities where people have to work in specific teams, it becomes difficult to do so. This is because everyone is sitting across an oval.

So, in order to get the right training environment, here are the pieces of furniture you can use:

  1. Start with a multimedia screen, a whiteboard, and a pinboard.

Training essentially means the flow of information and knowledge in a particular fashion from one source to another. The source from where this flow begins would ideally be the trainer.

The trainer will usually need the help of a whiteboard or a multimedia screen to underline the key points. These tools also help in making the training sessions more engaging.

Multimedia screens are great for video content. But when it comes to writing and participation of the trainees, there is no alternative to a whiteboard or a chalkboard. 

In addition to these two, you can use a pinboard to put notices, articles or trainee rankings for keeping the sessions competitive. If you plan to go for a whiteboard, use a mobile one. 

  1. Training tables.

Some office managers take the example of the school or the college classroom and provide benches along with chairs.

This does not solve the problem all the time since people have specific psychological associations with such furniture.

Instead, you can take a hybrid approach. You can use a set of student pentagon tables, where trainees get to sit in a more collaborative manner. 

In addition to this, you can use the conference table when the session or the meeting has to be conducted on a one-on-one basis.

  1. Training room chairs.

Unlike the chairs in the office which are meant to keep the user comfortable, chairs in the conference room have a different purpose – to keep the user engaged.

In order to be engaged, the user should be attentive. Hence, instead of going for comfort, you can choose to have beam seating or other arrangements, that make people attentive.

Since people will not spend their entire day in the training room, you don’t have to worry about the levels of comfort and their impact on productivity. 

When you are putting so much money in the training room, why not take the help of professionals!

We understand that businesses which have chosen to build training and conference rooms in their office premises are investing for the long term.

These are the businesses that will not hesitate in putting money in the right place, as far as the returns are worth the efforts.

For such businesses, we bring our years of experience of having helped companies set up the perfect training and conference rooms in their offices.

Most vendors would like to close the process of buying as soon as possible. We don’t take that route. We start with the first principles and the key business challenges you are facing.

We do so by giving you a free office design consultation session. Then, we pair it with absolute customization options for colour, material, shape and design.

Finally, backed with our industry-revered warranties, we deliver your conference room furniture to Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Darwin, and Canberra. 

You can start the journey of the growth of your business today itself. All you have to do is get in touch with our team and ask for your free office design consultation session.

See you soon!