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TWIST is light appearance does not affect its surprisingly robust structure. Twist has been designed with a unique connecting system. Twist Spine has evolved from the traditional office with its organic structure and unique aesthetic. Twist video conference offers a digital meeting point.

Office workers often sit more than 10 hours a day. Sitting has become part of our modern lifestyle an that is not a healthy development. This increase in sitting hours means that there is a greater risk of serious health problems, depression and even certain forms of cancer. Markant won’t just take this sitting down!

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Human Scale’s award-winning office solutions inspire movement and support the user in their every posture. Human Scale believes that the highest level of functionality is achieved through simplicity.


“ is a fantastic furniture specialist. The team really provide the next level a quality, service and attention to detail as well as offering a full suite of high-quality pieces and solutions. The projects we completed with them were on time and well priced. I look forward to using them on the next one. Highly recommended.”


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For over 20 years our experienced staff have helped create energising workspaces that increase the health and productivity of staff.

Our well thought office solutions energise interaction, collaboration and staff creativity, making your employees more energetic, productive and ultimately loyal. supply and install great furniture. We excel in design and in the delivery of office space planning & project management services Australia wide, in all major cities and regional areas, with installation teams in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth.

What if someone told you – the growth of your business has a direct correlation on how you invest in one key area. 

If you were to guess that area, you would think about people, technology and even the real estate space. But those are the answers given by all ambitious entrepreneurs.

Once you have satisfied your needs in these three areas, does it mean that you are done with your investment process? Not at all. As a matter of fact, you are missing one key component – office furniture.

Let’s face it – most of us in the business management area, don’t have any major interest in knowing more about the office furniture. We are interested in knowing the financial statements and the marketing deck.

The reality is that our co-workers are heavily dependent on office furniture. Furniture is the implicit tool that is used every day but hardly acknowledged as an important part of the business. 

That is changing now. The more you start exploring the most successful companies on the plant – Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and even Atlassian, the more you will observe one key theme.

They all pay heavy attention to the work culture and hence on the office furniture that is a part of it. 

You too can reach new heights of your business by getting the right furniture. Sounds a bit of a stretch? Think again. It isn’t.

  1. Furniture enhances the workplace experience of your employees and visitors.
  2. Office furniture helps your employees optimize productivity.
  3. It shows your visitors that you are running a healthy business. 

So, it is clear – those who understand the nuanced investment process of putting together the right furniture will go a long way.

Now, the question arises – how do you ensure you are getting the right office furniture? Like all complex problems, break it into smaller components. 

There are five key areas you have to focus on – workstations & desks, chairs, storage, pods and reception area. Let’s explore each one of these in more detail.

Office Workstations and Desks

The most critical part of the furniture in the office usually falls under the category of office workstations. Some people still prefer using traditional office desks in place of workstations.

The most remarkable work in office furniture has been in the area of desks and workstations. 

In the last few years, as employees have become waistline conscious and employers have become bottom-line conscious, desks and workstations have evolved to fit their updated needs. 

There are quite a few categories of desks and workstations, that you should know about:

4-Person Office Workstation: One of the most impacting advents in workstations and desks has been the increased use of 2-person office workstations and 4-person office workstations.

Before this, office spaces and working areas were planned in terms of cubicles, cabins and individual spaces. Soon, office managers landed on an epiphany.

The basic requirements of all employees are similar. Plus, cubicles and cabins occupy a ton of space. Hence, they adopted the idea of multiple people office workstations.

The idea is simple but effective. Instead of thinking about the spot for each table, you start planning in terms of two pairs in different orders. Depending on the available space, you can change the design. 

Sit-Stand Desks and Workstations: Even before the millennials became a part of corporate Australia, one trend has picked up.

This trend was the awareness of the employees in Australia that they can’t sit all day long on their desks and expect to have a healthy life.

 As more research was published, it became apparent that sitting in one place even for working, was a harmful habit. 

Need is the mother of invention. So, when the need came around, the invention came around. All of a sudden, sit-stand desks became more common than they had ever been. 

These desks allow their uses to adjust the height of the desk to an extent where one can still use it while standing. 

Now, people can accomplish the same amount of work while burning more calories and hence, staying fitter than ever before. 

Meeting Tables and Boardroom Tables: One type of furniture that has undergone the subtlest changes is meeting tables. These are elongated tables reserved for meeting rooms and board rooms. 

Usually, these tables were made out of premium wood and had minimalistic designs. 

Even though they were a part of the room where extremely important decisions were taken, they themselves played next to no role in making the decision making the process more comfortable. 

That started changing as companies started using the same rooms for training and in-house conferences. Now, the demands from these very basic tables escalated.

Soon, we started seeing tables that had the same design but were more ergonomic and had accoutrements necessary for conference calls and plug-in cables. 

Parallel to this, HR managers understood that they may need different designs of tables to conduct training sessions. Hence, the table’s basic shapes started evolving.

What was once a rectangular slab, is now available in ovals and pentagonal shapes. 

Café Tables: Finally, as office spaces have started growing, more and more employees are expecting a cafeteria or a lunchroom in the office itself.

If you plan to have one in the office, you will have to work actively to get the right café tables. These are tables especially meant for cafes.

They are compact, sturdy and meant for usable levels for comfort. They are usually made of materials that don’t get easily damaged by water or heat.

The common theme across all these categories of desks is the idea that you have to be very clear about the use case for each one of these. Hence, you should be focusing on functionality instead of aesthetics. 

Office Storage

It may seem to be an outdated idea. But the more offices you visit, the more you will observe that most of them still use a ton of paper. 

Most of the legal paperwork is done on physical paper. Even beyond this, printed illustrations are easier for getting feedback and for explaining abstract concepts. 

Thus, one thing is clear – businesses of all sizes and scales need office storage units. The basic value add of all storage units is the same – they help you stay organized and keep the documents/objects accessible. 

The key area where different storage units actually differ is the constraint that they can accommodate. Depending on the different challenges you are facing in your office, you can use these: 

  1. Want to give your employees their personal storage space that is not far away from their workstations? Use mobile pedestals.
  2. Are you working with limited real estate space but want a cupboard for storing objects? Use credenzas or tambour units

They have sliding or rolling doors, that occupy half the space when compared to more traditional storage units.

  1. Want to keep things organized in a public space? Use filing cabinets and cupboards. They are the same old concepts but are good for storing things in an organized manner. 

Office Chairs

If the desks and workstations have an impact on the immediate productivity levels of your employees, the chairs and seating will have a long-term impact on the same.

Your co-workers will be spending a good amount of their working day on their chairs. That said, the chairs for the employees are not the only ones you will need in the office. 

There are quite a few options for you to look into, each with a different use case:

Visitor Chairs: These are chairs that will be put in the reception area or the waiting lounge. These chairs should be in-line with the colours of your office.

They have to be comfortable. But you don’t have to go overboard with choosing the most comfortable ones that may burn a hole in your budget.

The line of reasoning behind this is that the visitors will use these chairs only for a while in a day. Hence, there’s no point putting extra money in these. 

Plus, there are couches available for the people who might need extra comfort. 

Executive Chairs: These are the chairs that will go into the cabins of the top executives. These chairs have to be the epitome of comfort.

The decisions taken by your top executives will have an impact on your business’ topline and bottom-line. Hence, you should take every possible step to decrease the levels of their stress.

Heavy-Duty Chairs: These are the chairs used for elongated hours in stressful areas. Usually, they are used in IT rooms and security rooms.

They have a good amount of cushioning to help the back and are made of sturdy materials that don’t face wear and tear frequently. 

Beyond these chairs, you always have the option to go for mesh chairs that are used for common workspace areas. In terms of design, always focus on ergonomic office chairs

Reception Area Furniture

One of the most important and frequently ignored areas of office furniture is the furniture in the reception area. 

Reception area furniture usually includes the reception units, office lounges for the waiting area and locker for the visitors. 

The reception desk should ideally carry your corporate brand and support devices like a computer, announcer, finger-print scanner and charging points. 

The office lounge at the waiting area should be a combination of comfortable lounge couches and coffee table books. 

Pods and Acoustics Furniture

Even after setting all the furniture, you will find that there is still a ton of vacant space and needs which are left unaddressed by your office design. 

This is where pods come to your rescue. These prefabricated units help you utilize every last inch of your office space. At the same time, they also have specific use cases.

Work pods are great for employees who want some privacy for the time being. They also double up as compact meeting rooms for small teams.

If you are in a client-facing business and are frequently having conference calls, you can also consider having phone pods in your office. 

You should focus on getting acoustics furniture that helps with noise cancellation to the people using the pods. 

Want some professional assistance? We are here. 

Going through all these types of furniture units is an intimidating experience in itself. Choosing the right piece of furniture from them is another gargantuan task in itself.

That is why we can team up with you. 

Free Office Design Consultation Session: We don’t take a catalogue approach of giving you office furniture. We start by giving you a free office design consultation session.

In this session, we understand the challenges you are facing with your business. Then, we devise furniture solutions around these challenges. 

Deep Customizability Options: Once we have devised the key types of furniture units you can have while designing or redesigning your office space, the ball is in your court.

We provide deep customizability options. You can choose from a range of colours, shapes, forms, features, designs and materials. After all, you understand your business the best. 

Industry-Leading Warranties: We know that you will want the furniture to last for years to come. You are spending a good amount of time and resources into it.

Hence, we work with some of the finest and most experienced furniture craftsmen. This way, the quality of your office furniture is up to the mark. 

Since all our offerings go through an arduous process of quality control, we are able to provide best in class warranties on all our offerings. 

Delivery Across Australia: Finally, once you have decided on the type of furniture you need, you shouldn’t have to worry about the logistics.

We take care of all of it. We deliver across all major CBDs in Australia – Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin, Canberra and Melbourne.

So, you can sit back and focus on your business while we strive to deliver your furniture to you in the best quality in the right timeframe. 

There is a small gap between strong future growth in your business and the current state of your business. You can fill that gap by reaching out to our team and availing your free office design consultation session. 

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