Gregory Project W Ergonomic Office Chair is designed by women and made for everyone. This seat accommodates for the modern Australian workforce.

Gregory Project W Ergonomic Office Chair:

The Project W’s patented seat technology has a shorter seat depth of 380mm which makes it 70-80mm shorter than the usual ergonomic office chair. Although this chair has a new depth, it will still suit users who are up to 6ft3. The distribution of weight on this chair, with a shorter depth is still unchanged, 85% of a seated persons weight is through the ischial tuberosities ‘sitting bones’ while the other 15% is through the legs and knees. This shorter seat depth over comes the issues with circulation cut off felt by many office workers with shorter legs. The steep waterfall slope helps with circulation in shorter users.

The Project W seat included the Gregory’s famous Dual Density foam with Coccyx relief system. Our in house research revealed many female users had coccyx issues after child birth. These women weren’t well supported by the “regular” office chair. We have added additional adjustable lumbar support to stop back pain.

Project W features a modern sculpted back to support the thoracic spine which reduces up to 12% of the neck strain felt when seated for long periods of time. Project W has adjustable seat tilt, back tilt with flexible movement and is height adjustable.

Gregory Project W Ergonomic Office Chair Features:

  • Chair height supports natural S-curve of the spine
  • Curved back supports the thoracic spine to reduce shoulder, back and neck fatigue
  • Adjustable seat tilt and adjustable back tilt with flexible mobility. Readable Braille
  • Enhanced lumbar support to relieve lower back issues
  • Famous Dual Density foam including new coccyx relief system
  • Shorter seat depth of 380ml supports heights up to 6ft3. Strong waterfall slope to reduce pressure behind legs
  • Gas lift supports heights up to 6ft3
  • Easy clean, removable seat covers. Variety of high quality Australian made fabrics available
  • Slim and modern sculpted back
  • Quality castors to protect your flooring
  • Stylish polished Aluminum base
  • Upholstered back provides a higher level of acoustic demeaning in an office

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