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Collaboration Zone Furniture

Have you ever wondered – does our office need a dedicated collaboration zone?

Most business operators and owners don’t think about their office spaces that way. Office space is limited in Australia and they want to make the maximum use of it.

Now, maximizing the office space’s utility does not mean you put furniture in every nook and corner. What you really want to maximize with the office space is office productivity. This is where the collaboration zone comes into the picture.

A collaboration zone is an idea of giving your office a dedicated space for teams to come, brainstorm and collaborate – as the name suggests. Now, some office managers feel that having a collaboration zone is a luxury available only to big companies. The reality is that growing companies need collaboration zones much more than the bigger companies! This is because the value that can be created by collaboration zones as a percentage of the revenues is much higher at a growing company. 

How do you create a collaboration zone?

The idea is simple but effective. All you have to do is map out all the space you can vacate for collaborative zones within the office. You may choose to have a concentrated area or you may have small spaces where space is available. 

Now, once you have the right spots in mind, you can start planning on the type of collaboration zone you want to set up. You can use anything from hush pods, collaborative booths, surround seating sofas and even surround sofa meeting booths.

How do you choose the right type of collaborative zone furniture?

You have to keep in mind the following:

  1. What type of work will be done in the collaborative zones: You can sit with the teams and team leaders in the office and ask them about the type of work they plan to accomplish in the collaborative zones. Some teams may need space for brainstorming, some may need space for multimedia presentations, some may need a space for conference calls and some may just need a space for team briefings.
  2. What will be the frequency of usage of the collaborative zone: This is where it gets a little tricky. Assume you have two teams and each needs the collaborative zone for at least an hour in a day. Here, one collaborative zone can do the deal for you. Now imagine – you have ten teams that need collaborative zones in the second half of the working day, while the office has only two collaborative zones. The second one is an obviously adverse situation to be into.

Thus, you have to analyze the number of teams that will use the collaborative zones, the time they will need in each collaborative zone and the time of the day they will need it in, generally. This will give you the right indication of the number of collaborative zones you need. 

Want expert help? We are right here

We understand that there are several variables in getting the right collaborative zone in place. Hence, we are here to help you out. Here’s how we do it:

We give you a wide range of products and tailor them to your needs

We understand that your business and your office have unique furniture needs. You cannot use template solutions all over the place. Thus, you can come and choose a base design for the right colour, size, form, design and then we can customize it for you. 

You won’t have to worry about the delivery and logistics.

Most office managers we have met are always panicking about getting the right furniture delivered at the right time in the right condition. With us by your side, you don’t have to worry about it. We deliver your furniture wherever you need it in Australia – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, or Darwin.

We are proud and confident about the quality of our furniture.

We have been helping businesses for quite some time now. This has helped us perfect our craftsmanship when it comes to building quality products. This is the reason why we give best-in-class warranties on our product range. 

Already visualizing your collaborative zone? It will be there in no time. Reach out to our team via a call or email and we will give you a free interior planning and design consultation session. See you soon!