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Executive Office Furniture

Top executive requires another breed of furniture to work optimally this is where executive office furniture comes in picture. 

James Gorman, the famed Australian banker who heads the banking behemoth Morgan Stanley, recently announced that he will be taking a salary cut. The entire market took note of this.

If you try to imagine his office, you might be wondering what does it consist of? Because once you have reached his stature of success, you would want an office that keeps you in the right state of mind.

After all, being the boss and taking the salary cut is not easy. If you have a team of senior executives running the business, you have to ensure that their offices are well furnished.

Because at some point in the near future, they will also look at the growth of your business and will have to take some tough decision – whether it is about hiring, product launch or a salary cut.

Your executives have a deep impact on the bottom line. Hence, they deserve the right office furniture.

Focus on the word right.

You want to give your business executives the right office space. It is critical to understand the bifurcation between the right space and an office of excess.

You can set up a multimillion-dollar office for your executives by installing expensive art and buying exclusive executive office furniture. But that does not ensure optimal productivity.

Should you go for a sit-stand desk or go with a traditional one? Should you have a mesh chair in place or use a leather chair? Answering these questions can be challenging. But there is a logical way to do it. 

Your executives have a deep impact on your business. Thus, it is your duty as a business operator or office manager to give them the right space for conducting their daily work.

Here is how you can start by doing that:

  1. Understand their daily routine: Is the executive having a long working day and no physical activity outside work? She might be running the risk of health issues.

Is the executive dealing with a ton of paperwork but does not have the space to put it all in one go? She might be losing out on important information because of this.

In a similar manner, every executive has a different need depending on the work she does on a daily basis.

For instance – the executive in the first example can definitely use an executive office workstation that provides a sit-stand feature. This will let her stand and work with the same workstation.

The executive in the second example can use a simpler solution of having a bigger executive office desk that can accommodate drawers beneath the desk.

Each executive office workstation should be installed in accordance with the specific work requirements of the executive herself. 

Once you understand the challenges faced by your executives, you can use the right executive office furniture to target them.

  1. Don’t forget the office theme: Some office managers want to give their executives the best possible office space. 

As we have discussed already, this might be a good intention but it is definitely not a great idea.

You should have parity in the office design of the executive and the working area for other employees. 

When employees visit the executive’s office, they should not feel a stark difference.

Yes – the executive office furniture can be more comfortable than the one in the common working areas of the office. But it shouldn’t seem too luxurious since it may impact employee morale. 

Thus, the key takeaway is apparent – observe the work needs of your executives and tailor the furniture you provide them accordingly.

This will help you tremendously since every single unit of furniture will have its designated value. This will also stop you from spending way too much on excess and accessories of executive office furniture

Getting the right executive office furniture is not easy. But it can be.

We understand the process of a business operator or an office manager has to go through when she is choosing executive office furniture.

She has to start with a budget, focus on the specific requirements of the executive, keep in mind the general design of the office and then choose the best vendor.

Even an effective operator or manager may end up losing weeks in just selecting the right set of executive office chairs. Most managers and operators don’t have that kind of bandwidth available.

This is where we can help. We start by giving you a free office design consultation session. This will help you cut down hours of decision-making.

By the end of this session, you will have an office interior plan which will give you an idea of the right executive office workstations combined with the right seats and other furniture.

Thus, instead of walking you through a carousel of stock options, we provide you customized solutions. Your executives deserve the right office furniture for their working area. And we help them get it.

We employ some of the most sought-after talents in producing and delivering office furniture. Hence, we are able to provide very attractive warranties on all our products.

Whether it is an executive office desk or a storage unit or the entire workstation – you can focus on your work with the assurance that your executives are comfortable using it for the forthcoming years. 

Beyond this, we understand that operational efficiency and timely deliveries are on the top of the list for all ambitious managers and operators in Australia.

Thus, we deliver our offerings across all major cities like Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Darwin and Canberra.

Once you have placed your order, you can get back to growing your business while we rigorously work to get the right executive office furniture delivered and installed at your office at the right time. 

Don’t wait anymore – you can enhance the productivity of your office executives and take your business to greater heights by getting your free consultation session today.

Get in touch with our team via email or phone to get your free session.