Reception Furniture

Make the first impression count with our range of reception furniture.

Table Future Success With A Great First Impression!

Are you looking to take your business premises from bland to grand with a killer interior design that’s sure to impress employees, clients, and visitors alike? Revamping the reception areas should be top of the agenda, and has you covered.

Whether it’s an office block, showroom, or dentist reception room, our quality furniture will breathe new life into the work arena. You only get one shot at making a great first impression, a stunning reception that represents your business in a winning fashion is the answer.

Why Is The Interior Design Of Your Reception So Vital?

The reception area may not feel like the most significant part of your workplace. After all, it’s neither the heartbeat of productivity or the venue for completing sales. Nonetheless, the importance of this space should not be overlooked for a second.

A winning reception area sets a winning first impression, which can ultimately influence the mood within your team as well as client opinions. Here are just some of the benefits to be gained from a well-designed reception space:

  • Underline a sense of professionalism across the business;
  • Make visitors feel comfortable and welcome;
  • Celebrate any awards or accolades that the business has won;
  • Promote productivity from the moment staff members arrive;
  • Show that you take customer care seriously.

Many elements contribute to the overall look of the reception spaces, including the flooring, walls, and lighting. However, none of those elements will bring the desired impact unless they are supported by the right furniture. Work Stations has you covered.

Quality Reception Furniture Tailored To Your Business Needs

Here at, we don’t just understand commercial furniture; we understand you.

When searching for new reception furniture to brighten up the spaces, there will be several items on your checklist. Ultimately, you’ll be looking for quality products built from sturdy materials that are built to last.

Moreover, they should inject an unrivaled sense of luxury and aesthetic beauty to truly transform those spaces for the better.

As important as the reception areas can be, we appreciate the fact that decorating this environment isn’t where your business makes its money. We pride ourselves on being able to take care of your project from start to finish.

Our expert team plans, designs, manufactures and installs reception furniture that has been tailored to the needs of your company and the existing style and layout of the available space.

With offices in Sydney, Canberra, Darwin, and Melbourne, our coverage across the country is strong while we can find solutions for businesses of all shapes, sizes, and budget limitations. When you’re looking to upgrade your commercial reception spaces, is the only service you need.

Tables, Chairs, Desks & More

While the reception spaces tend to embrace a clean and often minimalistic approach to interior design, you’ll still need to fill the area with various furniture pieces in order for it to function properly.

Receptionists, clients, staff members, other visitors, and security staff will all need to be considered. Work Stations stocks and manufactures a wide variety of furniture types in a range of styles to ensure that your reception areas hit the mark. The crucial items include:

Reception Desks

A quality reception desk or reception counter unit will provide your receptionist(s) with a practical space to work from while also promoting a professional appearance. Reception desks should have enough space to organise computers, paperwork, and other items with ease.

Meanwhile, the seated areas behind the desk may be lower than the front-facing side for added privacy. can create C-shape, J-Shape, U-Shape, curved, diamond, rectangular and standard desks in an array of finishes and colours. If needed, we can include the company logo or a message on the front-facing side for an even greater appeal.

Likewise, dimensions can be tailored to your specifications for a loo that is guaranteed to enhance your office.

Reception Chairs

A comfortable seating area is an essential part of any reception space and can make a world of difference if clients are made to wait to be seen. Your aim is to find chairs that are comfy, visually attractive, and installed in a layout that works for the good of your business as well as the visitors themselves.

Transit chairs, peat chairs, wing chairs, summ chairs,  high-back chairs, Y-shaped ottomans, loop layouts, lepod sofas, and lounge chairs are just some of the options on offer at Work Stations. With an array of colours and dimensions available, we can manufacturer seating that is suited to your preferences. Their impact on the look and function of this setting is huge.

Reception Tables

Reception tables haven’t always deemed a necessity, but they can certainly add an extra sense of luxury and style to this crucial environment. Drum tables and coffee tables are popular options that can add to the aesthetic as well as the versatility of the space. stocks and manufactures a wide range of options.

Wood, marble, glass, and metal can all be used as table materials to bring extra value to the commercial spaces. Whether used for placing drinks, displaying magazines, or any other purpose doesn’t matter.

If nothing else, they can section off parts of the seating areas for a professional and modern atmosphere.

Furniture To Set The Tone Throughout Your Business

Great reception furniture will leave a great first impression, especially when supported by other smart décor choices. However, our experts can also provide the perfect furniture choices for other parts of the business including offices and staff break rooms.

Aside from their direct benefits within the exclusive spaces, this is the ideal way to build a sense of consistency across the company.

Whether you’re looking to revamp the reception with standard stock or want bespoke furniture, Work Stations is the perfect option for premium quality at trade prices. We offer free design consultations to all prospective clients, so give our advisors a call on 0293194107 or send an email to today.