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Lunch and Café Area Furniture

Are you in the hospitality business and want to give your cafe a new look? Or are you in the technology space and want to attract top talent in your business? Irrespective of what growing business you are running, you should consider getting lunchroom furniture. After a business grows to a scale and has an eating space within its premises, office cafe furniture becomes essential.

The key problem with setting up lunchroom furniture is that most office managers and proprietors don’t understand the complexity of setting up a cafeteria. 

A cafeteria may not seem to be a natural part of an office. It does not have space for meetings or for people to come and work. Yet, when you keep just the tables and chairs, it seems a little incomplete. 

Getting cafe furniture is easy. But naturally integrating it into an extension of the office is difficult.

Here is everything you have to know about setting the lunchroom furniture effectively.

When you are setting the cafeteria in your office, here are the principles you can use:

Make the cafeteria an extension of your office space. By using this as a thumb rule, you will be able to automatically choose the colours, shades and materials for the cafeteria. 

The cafeteria and breakout area are different. There might be quite a few similarities between both the spaces, but they are essentially different.

The breakout area may have a small space for eating and drinking. But the cafeteria or the lunchroom is meant to be a place for eating. 

Thus, you can’t use the ideas you used for the breakout area, to set up the cafeteria. In the simplest possible terms, the breakout area is supposed to be relaxing and fun. 

The cafeteria is supposed to be comfortable and welcoming. There is a thin line of difference between both qualities. 

Ensure there are a microwave, a fridge and a bin. Some office managers focus a bit too much on the aesthetics of the cafeteria and forget the fact that it is a functional area.

There are several spaces in the office which don’t have a clearly defined function. The cafeteria is not one of them.

Your co-workers will frequently come here to have their meals. Whether you have a cooking team or just store food in the place, you should have a microwave and a fridge. 

Use the cafeteria to reinforce corporate identity. Your cafeteria is a more light-hearted extension of the office and the corporate brand.

Thus, whether it comes to the walls, the décor or the artwork in the lunchroom, make sure you are using it all to restate your corporate values and principles. 

Don’t forget to have a fire extinguisher. There is a microwave in the area. Hence, it naturally makes sense to have a fire extinguisher in the same room. 

The best way to proceed with choosing the right furniture for the lunchroom is by mixing the interiors of a bar and a restaurant. This will give the right vibe to space.

You can use the components of a bar like the tall bar tables and chairs or the regular bar stools to give the cafeteria a relaxed feel. 

You can also use a set of lunchroom tables and chairs to give it the look of a lunchroom. The idea is to mix and match between both extremes to find the sweet spot.

One essential quality that your cafeteria should have is physical distance from the working area. You wouldn’t want the people working at their workstations to get disturbed by the noises in the cafeteria.

A simple solution to avoiding this problem is acoustic furniture and soundproofing the cafeteria. 

It can be challenging to put together a functional cafeteria in the office. That’s why we are here.

We take immense pride in having helped several businesses get the right lunchroom furniture. Our offerings are different from those of other vendors in several ways:

  1. A Consulting Approach. We don’t make you choose from a fixed set of catalogue items. Designs that evolve from catalogues are not designs; they are just combinations.

Combinations don’t solve problems; designs do. Thus, throwing away the orthodox approach, we take a consulting route to help you get the right office café furniture.

We start by giving you a free office design consultation session. In this session, we discuss the key issues you are facing with your office space over a cup of coffee.

Then, we devise an interior plan with the help of ideal café furniture. This way, whether you choose to have a wooden bar table or a lunchroom stool, you will know the exact reason why it is there.

  1. Unique experience. We have helped several businesses and cafes get the right hospitality furniture. Hence, we understand the best of both spaces. 

We lend this knowledge to you, in your pursuit of getting the aptest lunchroom furniture for your office. 

  1. You will have all the control. Despite our expertise and experience, we know the fact that you are the best person to understand your business.

Thus, we give you absolute freedom in terms of customizability. You can choose the colours, designs, materials and features that you believe are essential.

  1. Industry-Leading Warranties. We have one of the best quality control policies in the entire industry. We work with great design partners and experienced craftsmen. All this care trickles down into the industry-leading warranties that we provide on all our products.
  2. We deliver across Australia. Whether you have a business in Sydney or in Brisbane, Adelaide or in Melbourne, Darwin or in Canberra – your furniture will reach your office.

We also ensure that the delivery is on time and keeps your furniture intact.

What are you waiting for? You can get started with getting a functional and yet aesthetically pleasing cafeteria for your office. All you have to do is reach out to our team and get your free office design consultation session