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Flip Top Tables

Flip top tables offer a flexible solution for businesses looking to use the space that they have in a number of ways.

You might have meeting rooms that you want to move around, training rooms that need to be flexible or even event spaces that you need to adjust to meet the needs of different events.

Stackable tables are space-saving solutions that can be moved around with ease. They often have wheels, allowing them to be pushed around to different rooms or easily moved out of the way.

Furnish Training Rooms and More

Flip top tables are a top solution for training rooms. They can be moved into place when they’re needed, and folded down to store out of the way when more floor space is required.

These mobile tables make any space more flexible so they’re ideal when you want to divide a room or even move your workaround on the table without disturbing anything.

As well as training rooms, flip top tables are an excellent choice for event spaces and meeting rooms when you might want to change how space is used regularly.

Save Space for Your Workplace

If you want to make the most of the space that you have, flip top tables offer you an easy solution.

When you’re not using them, you can fold them away and store them wherever you have space. It’s simple to move them up against a wall or keep them in a corner.

They also stack easily against each other so that you can have a number of tables stored in one space. Start saving space now by using flip top tables.

Flexible Solution

Flip-top tables give you the ultimate flexibility. Flexible office spaces offer modern ways to approach work, allowing people to work in whichever way they feel helps them most.

If you want to keep things flexible, you can wheel out a flip-top table whenever you need one, and keep it stored away when it’s not needed. Different sizes and adjustable heights mean that flip top tables can be changed to meet the requirements of various work requirements.

Diverse Options

Our flip top tables include a choice of sizes, colours and materials so that your business can choose the design that offers all that you need for your workspaces.

Our custom options allow you to ensure you can use your flip top tables in any way that you like and that you have the right solutions.

All of our products come with a quality warranty to reassure you of their quality and to protect your investment.

Full Service Across Australia can arrange everything for you, from planning and design to delivery and installation.

Our complete service is offered Australia-wide, including in cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin, and Canberra.

Get started with our flip top tables by requesting a quote for the products that interest you, or send us an inquiry if you want to know more about how we can help.