COVID Safe Furniture for the Return to the Office

Workplace designs will need to meet the new post-COVID-19 reality. An office must be adaptive to change in order to continue operating and a business to be viable. It must now meet the new challenges posed by our increased emphasis on health and safety, as well as the implementation of a flexible working schedule between the office and home. As a result, COVID safe furniture is required to make your employees feel safe

Over the last few months, research repeatedly demonstrates that people have missed the experience of working together face-to-face. Working with remote coworkers is also considerably easier once you’ve developed the initial connection in person. Because interaction is a core human need, it is critical to provide community locations where teams can gather.

Safe Collaboration


The barriers between being physically in the office and being physically out of the office must dissolve in order to maintain productivity and collaboration. If you want to properly link people from different areas, you must use technology. One way to do this is through video conferencing technology. This allows teams in and out of the office to work together seamlessly.

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Modular Furniture

However, if you have all employees in the office, you will need to implement COVID safe furniture that allows teams to collaborate.  Firstly, modular furniture can be a great solution to this. This is because you can reconfigure it to create a spacious team space.

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Work Pods

Alternatively, for smaller teams, a work pod is an effective way to have meetings in a secure way. Workplace design trends are rapidly shifting towards agile, hybrid workspaces. In the post-COVID era, office pods are great for protecting your staff from Covid. Booths, such as semi-enclosed work booths, acoustic office phone booths, and work pods, provide employees with a controlled environment. This allows them to focus on the task at hand.

The open compact box allows for adequate ventilation while the acoustic padding keeps conversations private.

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Many employees desire to return so they can be near other people and interact in ways that aren’t possible online.

Health and Safety

Sit-stand workstations

Sit-stand workstations are an important addition to workplaces. Having height adjustable desks in your office can provide you with several advantages. The appeal of our electric height adjustable desks is how ergonomic they are. As a result, your employees are more at ease at work, which leads to increased productivity! Similarly, healthy employees are contented employees! Keep your employees happy, and they’ll work harder than ever before. When your staff have electric desks, they will like working for you! As a result, your retention rate skyrockets, saving you a lot of money. Our products’ ergonomic excellence reduces the likelihood of back discomfort and other workplace ailments. As a result, employees will use less sick days!

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Work screens

Not only do desk screens lower the risk of infection spread, but they also increase privacy in your workplace. They are less restrictive than offices so collaboration is still encouraged. However, they can make your employees feel safer and more comfortable.

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As the dynamic of workplaces continually adapts, it is essential that your office has COVID Safe furniture to protect you and your staff!

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