If you think your employees love the open office plan… Think Again.

Many office executives are facing the same problem: The ‘everything looks good from my office windows’ syndrome.

The symptoms of this syndrome are simple when you look at the people working in your office from a distance, you see fulfilled, hard-working faces. But if you look closer, at their morale and productivity and performance levels you can see signs of decreased productivity, stress, fatigue and workplace-related negatively impacted mental health.

One of the biggest problems that have resulted in an aftermath of the open office pandemic, is the decreasing productivity level of employees and the increasing levels of lowered morale.

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Have the collaboration and creativity levels gone up? There are no rubrics to quantify these. But there are other issues that have surfaced:

  1. Lack of privacy: More and more employees are complaining about the lack of privacy at their workstation. Whether it is a phone call or an email, they feel they are performing more than they are working.
  2. Increased distractions: With the number of distractions multiplied by open and activity-based working setups employees productivity is decreasing.
  3. A relentless feeling of exhaustion: No privacy and increased distractions lead to lack of focus. People end up working for longer hours, with decreased output quality and quantity.
  4. Lack of Silence: The introduction of open offices leaves little place for quiet with the noise from co-workers compounding to decrease employee’s ability to focus.

The solution is simple and almost too good to be true. Your office needs a set of meeting pods.

What are meeting booths?

Meeting booths are essentially little mobile rooms for your open-plan office, creating the feel and look of a private office or meeting room without the price tag. They are very similar to the telephone boxes that used to populate major cities.

The only difference is that the modern-day meeting pods don’t have a telephone attached!

As soon as people started working in open office plans, office managers and business operators got excited. Now they could create office spaces with lesser expenses surrounding the layout of traditional rooms.

But the employees operating within these offices are experiencing major issues with their output ability of quality and quantity of work. The lack of privacy and levels of noise were among the major issues.

Quiet pods are independent structures that can be installed in practically any empty area in the office. Ideally, you arrange a few pods in a linear fashion.

Once these pods have been installed, teams and individuals in your office can easily use them whenever necessary. Some common use cases for these pods are:

  1. Whenever a small group of people want to conduct a meeting without distracting every single person in the office, they can use one of the quiet booths.
  2. Sometimes, teams or client servicing executives have to attend client calls. These calls are imperative to the business relationship. This is where the meeting pods can be used.
  3. If your team is looking for a dedicated space for the idea generation meetings, these same meeting booths can come to their rescue.
  4. If you want a dedicated area which is used for interviewing, performance reviews, exit interview sessions – the pods and booths can serve as the temporary dedicated space.

How to choose the right meeting pods for your office?

Choosing the right office pods for your office is not an easy task. With a variety of options available, it can be difficult to select the now popularised quiet pod right for your office.

What you need is a customised solution to your individual office problems. Think about why you need an office pod:

  1. Define every problem you are targeting with your office pods.

The usual problems are quite symptomatic to all open office plans. These are problems that have a relation with privacy issues, distractions, dropping productivity and noise levels.

  1. Understand the quantitative and qualitative properties of your ideal quiet pods.

Do you want the booth to be noise-proof? Do you want it to have an in-built screen and a telephone line? Is aesthetics a priority? How much space do you have?

  1. Once you have the list ready, rank every feature you think is necessary.

Even though the pods seem like the cure-all for the open office plan, there is only so much you can do with one pod. Thus it makes sense to rank the features you want.

If you are choosing customized pods, you can have different pods with different features. This way – all your needs will be taken care of, without putting everything in one meeting booth.

How can we help you get the right meeting booth for your office?

We understand the unique problems that each open office experiences and can provide customised solutions to fix these. With our abundance of experience in providing individual solutions, companies in education and finance, well-established and start-up have benefitted from our services.

At Workstations, we listen to your problems and that’s why every approach is different but the ending is simple: a solution guaranteed to make you fulfil all your needs.

  1. We are not just another vendor. We are consultants before everything else.

Our process starts with a free office interior design consultation session. In this session, we sit with you over a cup of coffee and discuss all the issues you are facing with your office design.

Then, we provide you with a free update to your existing plan. This plan will address all the problems you hope to solve by utilising meeting booths

  1. We know you will want your product delivered quickly and with an extended warranty

This is the reason why we work with the best industry partners to design, manufacture and deliver the booths that you need and deserve.

Our key partnerships help us give one of the best set of warranties on our offerings. We deliver across Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin, Canberra and Melbourne.

  1. With us on your side, you will have absolute control of your booths and pods.

We provide absolute customizability in terms of design, colour, material and even features.

Get in touch with us today to avail your free consultation session.

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