Cable Management on your Electric Desks

Cable Management on your Electric Desks

There is a wide range of benefits to electric desks. The appeal of electric height adjustable desks is how ergonomic they are. As a result, your employees are more at ease at work, which leads to increased productivity. Similarly, healthy employees are contented employees! Keep your employees happy, and they’ll work harder than ever before. However, one overlooked aspect of electric desks is cable management.

Good cable management ensures you are minimizing workplace hazards while maintaining a clean workspace. As a result, standing desk cable management is critical. At first, it can feel overwhelming, especially if you have a lot of monitors with cables. Below are a few cable management tips for your electric desks.


Cable management involves simplifying and efficiently organising cords and wires that would otherwise become knotted and damaged. Labels aid in the organisation of cables and wires. Label all wires with stickers, markers, or even attach tags from bread bags! Colour coding is an excellent method for distinguishing both ends of a cord, allowing you to immediately identify both outputs. It can be aggravating to unplug one end of a cord and then not be able to find the other end among all the identical-looking cords.

Long Cables

Long cables aren’t always necessary, particularly in cases like office desks, where every machine plugged in is contained within the area of the desk. Longer cables are a tripping danger, as they might become unplugged and damaged as a result of a trip. Trips and falls cause the majority of minor injuries at work, but they can also cause significant injuries depending on the severity of the accident.

Desk Cable Tray

Desk cable trays provide a simple, convenient method of safeguarding both you and your office equipment from unnecessary harm.  A desk cable tray is a little basket that may be conveniently attached to the bottom of your desk. It neatly stores the cables of all your devices.  The open design of the cable trays allows heat to dissipate easily, protecting your equipment, cords, and workstation. Because the cords are kept off the floor, the danger of trips and falls is decreased.

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Cable Grommets

Desk grommets are an excellent way to organise and route cables through tabletops, desks, and other furniture. They prevent wires from abrasion by providing a smooth surface for them to rub against and guide them through their slots.  Grommets protect your wires and stored them neatly. In traditional desks, you can cut a hole into the desktop and place a grommet inside. However, in electric desks,  you can’t simply cut a whole because the desk will have its own wiring running through. So, if you want to use a grommet, you should choose a desk that has one built-in.

Cable Management is essential for the safety and aesthetic of your office. These tips can be implemented together or alone and adjusted to meet your space.

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