Accessibility in the Office

Accessibility in the Office

It’s wonderful to have an office space that is appealing, well-planned, useful, colourful, and pleasant. But how can you ensure that your office space is suitable for everyone? What does workplace accessibility look like, and how can you truly achieve it?
Within the realm of office design, inclusivity is a prominent challenge. Companies are doing more to proactively build and outfit places that are practical and friendly for everyone.

While some needs for enabling accessibility are well-known, other types of disability and accessibility are less well-known, yet are equally vital. While workplaces change and grow more complex, ensuring inclusivity to all upgrades is important. Without this, you are just further widening the accessibility gap.

Long rows of employees at desks have become the norm, but the noise and distractions can be overwhelming and counterproductive. This leads us to a new arrangement. As a result, office pods have been introduced to modern offices to combat these issues. There are many different styles and types of office pods for a range of different purposes and benefits. However, the extensive benefits of office pods can only be maximised if they work for everyone.


The ACOUSTIX Pod is the first portable acoustic office. The design was curated to ensure wheelchair accessibility. Additionally, it complies with building fire sprinkler requirements. We understand that your employee’s health and safety are a top priority and it’s ours too.

Features of the ACOUSTIX Pod

  1. Fire Sprinkler Accessible Roofing enables sprinkler water flow for multi-storey buildings
  2. Usable Whiteboard End Panels
  3. Window Privacy & Decals (optional)
  4. Acoustic Panels Walls tested for 27% decibel reduction
  5. Sensor Activated Lights
  6. The Circular Airflow System brings in office air. Design stimulates draw through and natural convection, while dual ceiling mounted fans maximise air exchange. Two air system models: standard two-motor system or premium integrated Phillips TM HEPA filter system (optional)
  7. Integrated Power: 2 x GP and USB A & USB C, HDMI cabling and data (CAT6, CATa6, CAT7). All are ready-made to attach and all have power access and panel configuration for attachment of wall-mounted TV and monitors.
  8. Easy Access Powerwall Panels allow your IT department to run and connect any cabling in walls and ceilings. The quick-release panel system gives your team full flexibility.
  9. Optional lounges or sit-stand desks

While the expenses of fostering inclusion in the workplace do not have to be prohibitively expensive, the advantages of careful planning and inclusive design can pay for themselves tenfold. You will not only create a space that honours both the spirit and the letter of the law, but you will also create an environment in which everyone feels comfortable and supported while working towards your company’s goal.

Office Pods are a versatile addition to any office. They enable rest, solitude, focused work, and other functions necessary for a good workday.

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