The Different Types of Office Chairs

The Different Types of Office Chairs

Office chairs form an integral part of every workspace. Employees need somewhere comfortable to sit and work, and your guests require places to sit and wait. As such, choosing the right office seating can improve your work environment in many different ways. When your staff is comfortable, they work a lot better and can be more productive. When your guests are nice and comfortable, they tend to develop more positive feelings towards your business, which help boost your reputation. However, there are so many different types of office chairs so it can be overwhelming to choose!

Ergonomic Office Chairs

We specialise in supplying clients with ergonomic chairs for their office. This means that the chairs are designed to put people in the correct position while they work. It prevents postural problems, prevents pain, and improves comfort.

All of this brings one key benefit to your business; improved employee work performance. It’s proven that people work a lot better when they’re sitting in ergonomic chairs. They feel far more comfortable and relaxed, and there’s no longer the distraction of aches and pains niggling away at their brain.

You will notice that we stock a variety of genuinely magnificent office chairs for you to purchase. They come in all sorts of types, all of which have their own unique benefits. Here are some of the options you have to choose from:

Office Task Chairs:

These are ideal for employees that sit at a desk all day carrying out tasks like typing or drafting reports. They’re set up ergonomically to provide ultimate comfort, and they’re complete with features that allow individuals to work for hours on end without feeling any strain.

Executive Chairs:

For a more professional feel, you can choose from our range of executive chairs. They’re designed to stand out from standard office seating and symbolise an executive presence. Perfect for boardrooms and private offices, and ideal for managers.

Visitor Chairs:

It’s essential that any office visitors have a comfortable place to sit. With our range of visitors chairs, they can sit quietly without fidgeting around or feeling sore. These come in all shapes and sizes, and we even have bench seating options available as well.

Breakout Seating:

These chairs are perfect for breakrooms and other social areas in your workplace. Their purpose is to give people a pleasant and relaxing place to have a break in-between work. They’re different from our office task chairs, which helps your employees rest up, refuel, and get ready for more work ahead.

Meeting/Boardroom Chairs:

We have meeting and boardroom chairs that are perfect for one-on-one or group settings. They’re available in professional leather, along with more contemporary designs as well. A collection of these can provide any boardroom with an extra air of professionality.

Drafting Chairs:

If your employees need to work at elevated surfaces, then our drafting chairs are perfect. The height can be adjusted with ease, making them the ideal match for one of our height-adjustable office workstations.

Conference Seating:

We stock a plethora of conference chairs that are easy to arrange and stack on top of one another. This means you can easily provide seating for large numbers of people, and then store the chairs away when they’re not needed.

Soft Seating:

Give your premises an extra level of comfort by purchasing some soft seating products. They’re available as sofas, individual chairs, and even booths.


If you want commercial furniture for a bar or cafe setting, then we stock some high-quality stools as well. We also find these work well in an office kitchen or breakroom too.

Tall/High Back Chairs:

High back chairs are much taller than usual office chairs and are used mainly in break areas or quiet spaces. They’re designed to help individuals sink back and relax, enjoying optimum comfort.

Outdoor Chairs:

We even stock chairs that are weatherproof and perfect for outdoor use. They come in a range of contemporary styles to help give your business a better image.

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