The Benefits of Office Pods and Booths

Offices used to be built up of boxy cubicles, which created a claustrophobic and unpleasant working environment. As a result, the open-plan office became popular in the modern workplace. Long rows of employees at their desks became the norm, but the noise and distractions grew unbearable. A new arrangement resulted as a result of this. Problems in both workstation layouts — cubicles and open plans — have led to changes in office architecture. Office pods have been implemented in modern offices to address these difficulties. Office pods, also known as work booths, collaboration booths, meeting pods, and nap pods, are available in various forms and kinds for various uses and advantages.

Do you require a specific meeting location? You’re looking for a meeting pod or a meeting booth. Do you wish to construct a pod where individuals can work in silence for a period of time? You want to find a quiet pod or booth. Do you want to give a separate location for all conference calls for your teams? You’re looking for a phone pod.

Pods combine the perfect combination of open and closed offices. Yes, open office arrangements encourage teamwork. However, all of that constant distraction can be more harmful than you might believe.

Key Benefits of Office Pods and Booths

Allows for social distancing

Work booths allow you to safely bring employees back into the office. When offices are overcrowded, people might use work booths to spread out.

Flexibility in space utilisation

Workplace dynamics must be fluid and responsive in our ever-changing world. Office booths add variation to a workstation. As a result, employees who prefer greater privacy or solitude at times can do so without the need for separate offices.

Encourage Collaboration

Meeting or collaboration booths are ideal for holding small meetings or brainstorming sessions. This is especially critical if you don’t have access to a meeting space.

The ACOUSTIX Pod – A Must-Have for your Office

The ACOUSTIX Pod is the first portable acoustic office. It has been designed specifically for wheelchair access and compliance with building fire sprinkler requirements. We understand that your employee’s health and safety are a top priority and it’s ours too.

Features of the ACOUSTIX Pod

  1. Fire Sprinkler Accessible Roofing is designed to enable sprinkler water flow for multi-storey buildings
  2. Usable Whiteboard End Panels
  3. Window Privacy & Decals (optional)
  4. Acoustic Panels Walls tested for 27% decibel reduction
  5. Sensor Activated Lights
  6. The Circular Airflow System brings in office air. Design stimulates draw through and natural convection, while dual ceiling mounted fans maximise air exchange. Two air system models: standard two-motor system or premium integrated Phillips TM HEPA filter system (optional)
  7. Integrated Power: 2 x GP and USB A & USB C, HDMI cabling and data (CAT6, CATa6, CAT7). All are ready-made to attach and all have power access and panel configuration for attachment of wall-mounted TV and monitors.
  8. Easy Access Powerwall Panels allow your IT department to run and connect any cabling in walls and ceilings. The quick-release panel system gives your team full flexibility.
  9. Optional lounges or sit-stand desks

Read more about the ACOUSTIX Pod

A soundproof booth will provide you with the necessary silence to take calls and focus well. Furthermore, when you’re on a call, you won’t have coworkers barging in on you. You’ll be alone in an individual pod to complete your task in silence. Because some people work best alone, an open plan layout will be too distracting for concentration. A soundproof pod, on the other hand, will keep outside sounds at bay. You get to work alone, without interruptions.

Office Pods are a versatile addition to any office. They enable rest, solitude, focused work, and other functions necessary for a good workday.

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