Maintaining Upholstered Chairs

What is an Upholstered Chair?

Upholstery is now used for most task chairs. Upholstery, sometimes known informally as a fabric chair, refers to all of the elements found in the chair, including the exterior fabric as well as the cushioning and supports on the inside. Most upholstered chairs provide stability and support with aluminium springs and foam. Traditional leather will give you a high-end style, but it may not last. A contemporary mesh will give breezy comfort at first, but it may droop with time.

Key Benefits of Upholstered Chairs

Comfort – The upholstered task chair suits the demands of all office workers by blending contemporary foam with the sturdiness of a metal spring system.

Durability- Upholstered task chairs are among the most durable chairs available. This is due to their robust construction and sturdy spring mechanism. The foam supports stronger springs and provides a larger support system.

The primary downside to Upholstered Chairs is knowing how to maintain them. Here are 3 simple ways to ensure you are correctly maintaining upholstered chairs!

Maintaining Upholstered Chairs

Regular Vacuuming

Office chairs, like all furniture, must be cleaned regularly. Dirt, dust, and other environmental factors can degrade the quality of a chair over time. As a result, vacuuming your upholstered chairs on a regular basis is an excellent approach to extending their lives. This will eliminate dirt and dust from the surfaces and keep them from becoming embedded in the fabric’s fibres. If left alone, grime can completely destroy your chair and possibly leave permanent stains.

Quality Cleaning Products and Tools

Warm water and soap are not enough to clean fabric upholstered chairs. Investing in stain prevention products is important. This is because most stains do not simply wash away with water and soap. If you’re trying out a new cleaning product, test it on a tiny section on the underside of the chair first.  After washing your chair, allow it to dry completely before wiping off the various surfaces with a non-abrasive cloth.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

When setting up your home office or your office space, try your best not to expose your desk to direct sunlight. The ultraviolet ray of the sun affects your chair in numerous ways – it can degrade its fabric and material quicker than usual, resulting in it fading and drying out. You won’t notice it at first because it doesn’t happen overnight. But rather the fading out takes time and could damage your chair completely, without even noticing it. Simple fixes like closing the curtains or blinds during the day would work. Most especially office chairs Australia-wide, they need to be strategically placed due to our ever-changing weather. Upholstered Chairs

Whether it be style, function, practicality or adjustability you are looking for in a chair, Ergonomic Mesh Gregory Storm Task Chair ticks all the boxes. Ergonomic Mesh Gregory Storm Task Chair is a contemporary aesthetically pleasing mesh back chair ideal for general office or boardroom use that is sure to impress with its classic lines and quality finish.

The Comodo High Back Chair is an elegant and soothing chair with wrap-around wings that offer privacy, this chair is available with multiple base types to suit almost any application. Also, the Comodo High caters for a very broad range of people and different user sizes.

The Chini Meeting chair is a one-piece moulded plywood shell. It is fully upholstered with a distinctive stitch design. Furthermore, it has a reinforced chrome frame.


An upholstered chair may be the best solution for your office in terms of comfort and aesthetics. These chairs have a lot going for them. For many, they are timeless classics that remain popular. Upkeep and repair may be necessary to keep your chair in good condition but following our guide will simplify this!

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