Sydney’s End Of Trip Facilities

End-of-trip-Facilities are specifically designated place which facilitates cyclists, runners, and walkers in opting for alternate ways to travel, rather than using public transport or driving. These sets of facilities also benefit employees who like to exercise during their breaks.

End-of-trips facilities include:

  • Secure bicycle parking encourages employees to use this means of transport.
  • Locker facilities with electronic locks ensure the safety of their respective gear and help to create a piece of mind for the staff with respect to security concerns.
  • Shower facilities for employees to freshen up after the commute.

Impact of End-of-trips facilities on Sydney’s trending workplace

As End-of-trips facilities gain popularity, their impact on the workplaces has been resounding, especially in Sydney’s dynamic workplaces. This can be reflected in the growing demand for such facilities, as new businesses are embracing initiatives for the sake of creating a happier and healthier workplace. This is evident from the fact that more than 35 customized end-of-trip facilities worth more than $30 million have been built in Sydney in last three years by PFL Spaces.

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