Office Pods & Work Booths Are Here to Stay!

Collaborative Office pods are a great innovation to improve productivity in open-plan offices!

Office pods and booths can foster productivity and team spirit in countless ways. The idea is to create a room within a room with modular seating, collaboration furniture, and screening.  Individual segments can be used for taking phone calls, collaborative discussions, meetings, training, eating and much more. These work hubs and pods maximise acoustics for everyday operations, enhancing the productivity in whatever your employees do which will ultimately make employers happier.

Office Pods & Work Booths Are Here to Stay! - office furniture

When combined together to form a room or set of rooms and built around a screen panel frame, office pods reduce the need for wall fixings. They are the perfect versions of demountable, evolvable work hubs!

Office booths also reduce travelling sound, neutralizing noise and reducing distractions. Office booths provide the workplace with additional spaces where co-workers can video conference and make phone calls without disturbing others.

Work hubs are slightly larger areas that allow small teams to work in collaboration. Huddle Rooms are a type of work hub, trending in major companies. Both booths & hubs are demountable and easy to relocate, which is great for an agile workspace that needs frequent changes.

Types of Office Pods & Work Hubs 

Office Pods

These are typical, enclosed rooms built inside a bigger room to create independent space for a particular activity. Pods can be easily demounted and relocated, which reduces the cost of wall fixings. It is great for encouraging one-to-one interactions and promotes privacy of operations.

Phone Pods

The main idea behind setting up phone pods in offices is to eliminate the travelling sounds that may distract others in the room. Phone pods are great for making video conferences and phone calls near to one’s workstation, whilst not disturbing others.

Office Dens

Office dens are upholstered seating areas created within another office area. They are covered with ceilings that provide users with increased privacy for informal meetings and team collaborations.

Office Pods & Work Booths Are Here to Stay! - office furniture

Casual Seating Areas

Casual seating or break out areas offer comfortable, high back sofas & chairs separated from the rest of the office to offer a quiet space where users can either enjoy a coffee or work in a laid-back atmosphere. You can also place two sofas that can be used for calling small group meetings.

Office Screens

Place office screens next to each other and you will have a barrier that creates a much quieter space for meetings or training. They simply reduce the noise of the office, creating a much quieter and flexible workspace.

So to encourage better collaboration, privacy and reduce distractions include office pods and work booths in your office space!


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