What Size Office Desk Do You Need?

Whether you’re putting together a new home office, replacing your old desk, or organising your company’s workspace, you want to be sure you’re selecting the properly sized desk for your requirements and your workplace. Few individuals realise how critical it is to get the ideal desk size that complements their job activities. Understanding your office desk size is similar to knowing your shoe size. Purchasing the incorrect size desk might result in a wasted chance to acquire the greatest fit. And it could be a big annoyance that hinders your work. Because an office desk is a key element of your job, it is critical to understand how the size of your office desk works for or against you.

First, determine how much available space you have. It’s pointless to become connected to a desk that won’t fit in your office. These measurements, which include the height, breadth, and depth of your desk, will inform your purchase decision.


Desk Heights are usually a standard size. Most office desks are roughly 730mm in height, making them suitable for most individuals. If you are too tall or short that this height is inconvenient for you, you may wish to consider adjustable desks instead. Height adjustable desks enable you to modify the height of the desk top so that it may be utilised in either a sitting or standing posture. This is perfect if you don’t want to sit at your desk for extended periods of time, or if you need to change it to accommodate your height or chair type. Whichever desk you select – standard or adjustable – ensure the height is appropriate. You should be able to sit or stand without needing to hunch over while using it.


The depth of your desk is critical for ensuring that you have enough area to work while also giving appropriate space for the equipment you require. It is preferable to have more room than not enough. If you use your desk for typing and computer work, make sure you have adequate room for your equipment and that you can properly set up your workstation. This allows you to fit your laptop and monitors on your desk and arrange your keyboard and mouse ergonomically to prevent strain. You should also assess the depth of any under-desk storage you want to use since you don’t want it to be deeper than the desk itself and stick out.


You should think about where you’ll put your desk, what equipment you’ll need to put on it, and how frequently you’ll use it. If you use your workstations for extended periods of time, you may find that a somewhat broader desk is more practical. If you have limited space for a desk and office storage, consider a smaller desk with a desk-high filing cabinet or storage pedestal. This will provide you with enough storage space as well as a bigger work area, allowing you to easily find room for all of your computer equipment.


Office desks are an essential part of any office, and getting the right setup is important for the comfort of your staff, as well as for productivity and the overall image of your office. Take a look at our range of office desks to find the office furniture that’s right for your business.

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