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Office Shelving

Office shelving helps you create dedicated spaces for teams to store every single document that is relevant to their daily operations. 

Good business leaders understand what the market needs. Great business leaders understand what the market and the employees need. 

At the end of the day, your employees are your internal customers. If you can take care of their needs, they will take care of the customers’ needs.

Taking care of your employees starts with ensuring they have a comfortable place to work. You can have a ton of bean bags, massage chairs and sleeping pods. But if you aren’t providing them with the basic furniture they might need to get their job done – all your other investments will go for a toss. Providing them with adequate office shelving space is a part of this process of getting them the essential furniture. 

How many times have you proactively thought about the shelving in the office? Most of us use the word ‘shelving’ only when we want to indicate that a project is being put on indefinite hold. The reality is that shelves still have a major role in the offices. 

Whether it is in the form of a bookcase or a more simplistic storage shelf – your office can always use a few shelves. There are several reasons to support this way of thinking:

Your employees will always appreciate some additional space to store things.

Sure, your cloud storage system might be fantastic. Your ERP system allows you to visualize every single business process. But somewhere, you still need office files. You have to keep copies of contracts and rental agreements and duplicate copies of invoices and what not!

No matter what amount of digitization process you run, an office becomes inefficient without space for physically storing things. This is exactly why office shelving is required.

The truth of the matter is that digital files are great for long term storage. They keep things organized and accessible for a long period of time. That said, physical files are still relevant because they allow you to physically work with the material and make changes with your hand.

Kindle is great but people still read a ton of physical books. This is because we as humans are still getting used to using screens for long-term reading purposes. Hence, until we have a need for files and physical documents in the office, we will have a need for office shelving

You will want a dedicated space for storage as your business scales.

Small businesses or businesses that want to remain small have the benefit of keeping things nearby. Four or five people sitting around a table may or may not need a dedicated storage unit. But as your business grows, you will bring in more teams and each team will need its own storage space.

Now, along with your teams, the real estate prices are also growing. This is why you will always have to be more efficient with using space. If you start giving out personal storage space at the desk of every employee, you will not be utilizing the real estate space efficiently.

All of that is fine – but how do you know what type of office shelving solution is good for you?

There are several types of office shelves available in the market. There are shelves made for storing books, there are shelves made for storing files, there are shelves for storing servers. There are shelves made out of wood, there are shelves made out of metal, there are shelves made out of fibre. In short – depending on your needs, budget and scale, there will be a definite set of shelves that fit into your business. 

All of this can seem a bit intimidating to any business operator. You don’t have to worry about any of this. All you have to do is reach out to us via an email or a phone call, and we will give you a free consultation session with one of our experts.

You can use this session to find answers to all your office furniture questions! If price worries you, we have got tremendous bulk discounts for you.

How can we help you with getting the right office shelving solution?

We have been helping businesses get the right office furniture for years now. Here’s how we can help you out:

  • We have a wide range of furniture. 

We have one of the widest ranges of office shelving furniture in entire Australia. Instead of dumping a portfolio of products on you, we tailor the products as per your needs. Depending on your budget and office plan, we help you identify the right material, shape, size and type of office shelf. 

  • We give you industry-leading warranties. 

We have put together a team of some of the finest craftsmen in Australia. Hence, we are very confident about the product quality we deliver. This is the reason why we have industry-leading warranties on our products.

  • You have to find good things but great things come to you! 

We understand that several business operators panic when they have to arrange for logistics. You don’t have to worry about that when you’re buying from us. We provide free delivery across Australia in all major cities like Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Darwin and Melbourne. 

So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to us and get your free expert consultation today.