Vision Multipurpose Wall Unit

Acoustic Sonik Pinboard / Slanted Shelf For Display Purposes / 2 Door Cupboard / Adjustable Feet

900 ~ 1200W x 450D x 1800 ~ 2100H

VSMPWLUT9018 900 W x 450D x 1800H 2
VSMPWLUT1218 1200 W x 450D x 1800H 2
VSMPWLUT9021 900 W x 450D x 2100H 2
VSMPWLUT1221 1200 W x 450D x 2100H 2


The Vision Multipurpose Wall Unit has been designed to aesthetically store and display items effectively. The pinboard is used to display plans or notes. Additionally, the slanted shelf is also useful for displaying books, folders, or artwork. Furthermore, the 2 door cupboard adds convenient and concealed storage.

The Vision Unit is manufactured with high-quality materials and craftsmanship.

Vision Multipurpose Wall Unit Features

  • Acoustic Sonik Pinboard
  • Slanted Shelf For Display Purposes
  • 2 Door Cupboard
  • Adjustable Feet

Dimensions (mm)

  • Height: 1800 – 2100
  • Depth: 450
  • Width: 900 – 1200

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