Maximising Collaboration in the Workplace

Collaboration in the workplace is essential to the productivity of an organisation. Integrated workplaces are ones that encourage employees to work together and limit the availability of private and segregated closed-off areas. Employee cooperation is critical for organisational success because it aids in the resolution of complicated challenges. A well-planned workplace layout promotes a more cohesive and collaborative environment. As a result, this can lead to improved creativity, motivation, and profitability.

The way you design your office for collaboration is dependent on what you want to achieve. Do you want to increase meeting efficiency? Are you looking to promote connectivity between different offices? Or, would you like to just better organise day to day workflow?

Collaboration Zones

As many businesses have recently learnt, meetings do not have to take place in traditional meeting rooms. Often this just is not feasible for all employees. Therefore, dedicated collaboration zones can promote greater free thinking. Implementing modular furniture and a movable whiteboard or meeting board is a space and cost-effective way to hold meetings. Additionally, technology-powered collaboration units can increase connectivity between those working from home or from different locations. Features, like a collaborative whiteboard, may jump-start productivity by giving employees a visual method to exchange ideas, manage objectives, and showcase information for inspiration.

Workstations Recommends: 

Multimedia Walls allow in-office teams to collaborate with out of office individuals. The acoustic wall absorbs sound, giving your meeting privacy. Furthermore, it is secured to the Off The Wall Table, which is designed to maximise collaboration.

This Hybrid Modular Seating can be easily rearranged to suit the needs of the team using it. Additionally, the soft seats are designed to maximise comfort and therefore productivity.

Open Plan… But not too Open

Closed rooms provide minimal flexibility and confine people to a single location, rather than allowing for physical and mental advancement. Collaboration fosters creativity, which will undoubtedly propel your company to new heights.

Remove any physical impediments to offer your employees more mobility, and you will see a significant increase in productivity. Instead, consider using moveable wall pieces, such as ceiling-hung acoustic panelling, to create distinct zones. These not only provide your employees with freedom and flexibility, but they also provide acoustic seclusion.

However, if your office only has open spaces, this can lead to a drop in productivity. Constant team collaboration in the workplace reduces the time employees have to work on their individual work. In open-plan offices, work booths are a great addition to balance open and closed spaces. For example, they allow workers to have privacy and quiet without boxing them away from colleagues.

Workstations Recommends:

Hybrid huddle space allows for both individual and collaborative work. It’s perfect to add a little privacy to your team meetings in an open plan environment.

This Quiet Pod is the perfect addition to an open-plan workspace. It allows individuals to work privately and quietly within a bustling office.

Employees and employers alike are looking for more efficient methods to work together as a team. As a result, offices should foster innovation and collaboration. A collaborative office is created by adding mobile furniture, establishing more open areas, and integrating new technologies.

If you want to find out how you can maximise collaboration in the workplace, Workstations can help you do that. Contact us to find out more!

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