How to Choose the Best Sit-Stand Desk

Standing desks became popular a few years ago after medical researchers warned about the health risks of sitting all day. Before you can choose the best sit-stand desk, you should understand the benefits and consider what you need from the desk.

Benefits of a Sit-Stand Desk

It has been proven that a static posture is harmful to your health. As a result, many workers experience back and shoulder aches and pains, which disrupts them from their job. Excellent ergonomics are provided by height-adjustable desks. Raising the desk can position screens at eye level.  As a result, people can maintain a good posture. They can even be lifted all the way to a standing position. This offers your employees a break from sitting. As a result, people can still be productive while getting some relief from the aches and pains caused by sitting all day.

Long intervals of sitting can increase a person’s risk of suffering from a variety of health conditions, including cardiovascular disease.  It can also impair the body’s capacity to manage glucose levels, which can contribute to type 2 diabetes over time. When you’re sitting, it’s easy to revert to slouching, which contributes to back and neck pain. Standing, on the other hand, improves your posture naturally and thus prevents this ache. Furthermore, while standing, your back, shoulder, hip, abdominal, and leg muscles are all engaged, preventing them from weakening.

Many people feel more productive after working at a standing desk. Standing increases blood flow around your body. This may explain why some people find it much easier to concentrate. Several studies have also revealed that people who use standing workstations feel more energised, which may contribute to increased productivity. Standing has also been shown to stimulate endorphins, which improve mood and mental health. Overall, the greatest method to maintain your health is to alternate between sitting, standing, and moving throughout the day.


Sit-Stand Desk Size and Capacity

Desk Depth:  A minimum depth of 76cm (30′′) is recommended, but consider the fact that people will want to spread out their work. Furthermore, keep in mind that there are typically several possibilities for the design of the work surface.
Desk Width:  Again, this is dependent on available space and your working preferences. Adjustable desks and tables are available in a variety of sizes and forms, including an L option to accommodate your work habits and demands.

Furthermore, each desk has its own weight capacity; ensure that the desk can support your equipment.


Height Adjustability

If you want a flexible workstation that meets all of your work and well-being needs, height adjustment is a must. For example, you may prefer one height when computing, another when reading or writing, yet another when conversing on the phone, and so on. Adjustability is required if it will be used by more than one person.

Experts strongly suggest you get a desk that adjusts from sitting to standing heights. They provide the most flexibility and support for healthy and effective work, as well as long-term well-being. Each desk on the market has its own unique adjustment range, so choose one that accommodates you, or whoever will be using it, while completely sat and fully standing.

Electric desks may be adjusted to various heights. Ensure that the electric desk you select adjusts enough for the user. A height range of 630mm to 1300mm will offer an appropriate standing and seated height for the vast majority of people

Features and Accessories

Is the mechanism audible and disruptive, or is it quiet and unobtrusive? When sit-stand workstations are noisy, they are frequently not used for fear of disturbing coworkers. Check your desk’s decibel rating; noisy desks in the workplace might be distracting.

Desks can be raised and lowered in a variety of ways, ranging from hand cranks to electric or pneumatic lifts. The last two are the quietest, most efficient, and most user-friendly. Some desks can simply be programmed into different settings. Thus, making it extremely simple to get optimal ergonomics every time. Consider whether the style fits into your working environment, as well as whether the desk can handle privacy screens, illumination, or tool rails.

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