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Compactus Units

Compactus Units are a result of the prolonged need for businesses to save space. It is the literal evolution of the problem that you cannot have any stagnant space stay vacant in the office. Compactus units help you utilize every single inch of your office without making you waste even the minutest possible space.

Do you look at office furniture and wonder – there’s no way there will be more innovation in this space? Hold your breath because you are about to be amazed! 

Office space is limited but it doesn’t have to be limiting

We have been working with businesses to help them get the right office furniture for years now. One of the most common problems that we have witnessed with businesses in Australia is that all of them at some point are worried about the limited office space.

Office managers are frequently thinking about how will they accommodate more people in the same office as the company grows. More often than not, businesses don’t easily move out of an office just because they have hired more people. In such situations, Compactus units help you save the most valuable real estate space. 

Here is how a Compactus unit works

The filing cabinet in your office occupies a lot of space. Sure, it also helps you store a lot of files and documents. But the aisle between two cabinets occupies space that is occasionally used. Compactus helps you utilized this space as well.

Compactus filing unit is a simple solution – the filing cabinet is on a sliding rod. This way, you can keep the filing cabinets in close to each other and save real estate space. Whenever you want to pull a file from a specific cabinet, you can simply pull that specific cabinet aside and create space between the two cabinets, thereby pushing other cabinets closer to each other.

There are several variants of Compactus available which help you take care of the pulling using both levers and electronic switches.

Does your business really need a Compactus?

The legendary investor Warren Buffett will be able to answer this for you. No, he is not selling a Compactus unit. But he can teach the power of compounding to you. In the investment space, a small amount can grow into a big benefit as it compounds. The same applies to the space you can save with a Compactus filing unit

Let’s suppose you have a few filing cabinets in the Compactus unit you have in the office. Between all these cabinets, you will save as much as few feet at best.

That said, when you scale your operations and have cabinets in double digits, the space you save will also grow exponentially. Hence, as your business grows, the benefits you get from your

Compactus unit will also grow.

Thinking about getting a Compactus already? We can help you out.

We understand that the Compactus unit can be an impressive piece of furniture in your office. Your employees will understand the emphasis you put on utilizing office space. That said, when it comes to getting the right Compactus unit model, things can seem a bit complex. Here’s how we can help you out:

Get a free consultation from experts

You don’t have to be dependent on some Compactus salesman to get the right information. We have been helping businesses get the right office furniture. This is why we have a more holistic approach that is targeted towards only one goal – getting your business the right office furniture solution. This starts with providing you with a free office interior planning consultation session.

Bespoke delivery for your business 

You might have small, big or large office space. Depending on your current growth trajectory, you might not be impressed with the off-the-shelf available Compactus unit.

Hence, we help you get the right customized solution for your business. Whether it is about the features, materials, size or colour – you will get exactly what you need.

Delivery across Australia

We are proud to help businesses across Australia. This is why we deliver in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide and Darwin. 

Your business is here to stay and thrive; so is our furniture

We take the role of a catalyst to your growth. This is the reason why we produce furniture that will stay with your business for a long period of time. Since we are so serious about the quality needs of your business, we provide one of the best warranty policies in the industry across Australia.

What are you waiting for? Reach out to our team via phone or email and get yourself that free office interior planning consultation session