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A wide range of Mesh Chairs for Office & Home

At, we have a stacked selection of different mesh chairs to meet every taste and need.

Take a look at our selection to find mesh office chairs in different colours, weight ratings, materials, and styles.

Our options make it easy to find a chair that suits the style, needs, and space of your office.

Mesh chairs tend to be less expensive than others, on average and can help you find the right one with options in all price ranges.

Why mesh matters

The key advantage of the mesh back chair is, naturally, the mesh. As a breathable and comfortable material, it’s perfect for those working long hours.

Mesh is an open, breathable material that allows air to circulate throughout. This means it stays cooler, with less risk of annoying sweaty backs.

A much more convenient and comfortable choice than leather, not least on those especially hot days.

Because mesh back chairs are so light and space-saving, they make the perfect versatile tool for a variety of spaces in the office.

Ergonomically designed

The mesh back provides more than just comfort but support as well. While the material has some give, it supports the lower back perfectly.

This means that you have much less risk of back and neck pain, allowing them to work long hours without straining themselves.

We have mesh chairs with adjustable backs and heights, too, allowing you to find the perfect position before your workstation.

All mesh chairs come with a warranty

We believe in the quality of all the mesh office chairs we stock. As such, every item we sell comes with a warranty.

Simply click on the product that interests you and you can clearly see, up-front, for how long the warranty lasts.

If the item suffers any kind of failure before your warranty is up, we will provide a replacement with no questions asked.

Free design consultation for your office

At, we know our products. We have different mesh office chairs that suit all kinds of zones, from executive offices to shared workspaces.

With that knowledge, we’re more than happy to guide you closer to the office that you and your team need with our free design consultations.

Our expert consultants work with the best interior designers, creating plans that can help you meet the needs of the team and improve their productivity.

Maximise your space, find the optimum necessary requirements, and see a real boost in your team’s output with the help of

We deliver where you are

Wherever you are in Australia, we can help you set up the office of your and your team’s dreams.

We both deliver and install Australia wide, whether you’re in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin, Canberra or elsewhere.

On product pages, you can see lead times, so you know how much you have to wait before your chosen mesh chair is in stock.

Through, you can also track the ETA of your deliveries, monitoring its journey from our stock room to your office. Get In Touch For a Free Office Design Consultation