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Bariatric seating

One of the biggest health problems in the world today is obesity. As a human being, you naturally observe it. But is your office having any bariatric seating?

Imagine. You call up a client to your office. He happens to be a little obese. Hence, he’s unable to get into a normal-sized chair. You end up with a red face. 

Such moments are more likely to happen now, given the fact that obesity is on the rise globally.

Even if you are not in a client-facing business, you might still have visitors who are moderately obese. Not having bariatric seating in the office may make you seem ignorant.

What type of bariatric seating should you have in your office?

You might be running a consumer goods company or a healthcare space. You have to have bariatric seating installed in your premises.

When it comes to bariatric seating, the key is to make it look like all your other usual furniture. You wouldn’t want your guests to feel singled out. 

So when it comes to design, make sure the bariatric seating is in line with your general office design.

Beyond that, you should have an expert on board who understands bariatric furniture.

Here’s how we can help you get the right bariatric seating

We help you with every step of this process. We understand the complexity involved in understanding the height weight rating of chairs.

Hence, instead of leaving you with a catalogue, we sit with you and understand your specific requirements. We establish a range that would work for your premises 

This range might include a 150 kg chair or a 200 kg chair, depending on the area you have. Once that requirement has been locked, we help you figure out the ideal design.

Now, when it comes to everyday furniture, your top priorities are comfort and aesthetics. For bariatric seating, this requirement becomes all the more concentrated towards comfort.

For instance – you have to focus on the armrests, spacing between the legs of the chair and the right lumbar support. 

We understand these requirements and hence give you absolute control on the aesthetics of the chairs while guiding you through the complexities of the design. 

Even though it’s a speciality requirement – you should be able to customize it

Most of the people spend a good amount of their life in their workspace. Most of the businesses spend a good amount in building up a motivating workspace.

We understand these motivators and hence give you absolute aesthetic control. You can customize your bariatric chairs in the shape, form, material, colour and size you want. 

We also know that for such speciality furniture, some businesses get worried about delivery and quality assurance. We provide industry-leading warranties and deliver across Australia – in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Melbourne and Darwin. 

We look at the entire process of buying bariatric seating as an opportunity to add value to your business. 

Hence, we start with the first principles and give you a free office design consultation session. Get in touch with our team via email or phone, and we will help you navigate all your workplace furniture needs!