Sanitiser Dispenser Station

Lightweight stable floor stand with a hand sanitiser dispenser; Automatic sensor for touchless dispensing with adjustable height.


The Sanitiser Dispenser Station is the perfect solution for your office to keep your employees COVID safe. This product is perfect for entry ways, kitchen areas and communal areas. This will encourage staff to remember to practice their hygiene. As part of office COVID safety plans, regular sanitisation is very important. This important task will be achieved through the purchase and use of multiple Sanitiser Dispenser Stations. Let our products help your staff because safety is important.

The Sanitiser Dispenser Station has an automatic sensor for safe no-touch gel dispensing. It has a drip tray for use on carpeted areas and is height adjustable. It is also battery powered. The station comes with a 1 year warranty.

Sanitiser Dispenser Station Features

• Non-tilt floor standing
• Automatic sensor for safe no-touch gel dispense
• Drip tray included for use on carpeted areas
• Height adjustable from 1200 to 1550mm high
• 4 x AA Battery operated (not included)
• Adjustable flow control: 0.3ml / 0.4ml / 0.5ml
• Perfect for all public space entryways
• Antibacterial Sanitising Gel available
• 1 Year warranty

Office environments are going to make permanent changes because of Corona Virus. Employers need to take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of their staff. Purchase Officers are also responsible for this. This is a long term issue. These Sanitiser Dispenser Stations will be a fixture in your office from now until the foreseeable future.

We have a variety of COVID safety solutions and remote working solutions. The Office Environment has changed and because of this you need to update your office space to suit these changes. We have a variety of COVID screens, workstation solutions, sanitiser dispenser stations and much much more. Browse our site for many more COVID safe solutions that fit seamlessly into your offices and your office COVID safety plans.

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