Off The Wall Table

Slab End Straight with D End other side with Verse Disc Base
More sizes available please enquire P.O.A

OFFTHEWALL1807 2100W x 800D x 725H
OFFTHEWALL1809 2100W x 800D x 950H
OFFTHEWALLPLNT1807 1800W x 800D x 725H (800W x 200D x 925H)
OFFTHEWALLPLNT1809 1800W x 800D x 950H (800W x 200D x 1150H)


This Off the Wall Table adds a sleek look to collaborative work spaces, meeting rooms or waiting areas. Additionally, the planter box allows you to introduce greenery and brightness into your space to give a refreshing feel. Furthermore, the bench has been expertly manufactured to provide you with a sturdy and reliable table option.

Off the Wall Table Features

  • Optional: Fake plants and bark
  • Suitable for meeting rooms, collaborative work spaces or waiting areas
  • Slab End Straight with D End
  • Verse Disc Base
  • Range of sizes
  • Built In Planter
  • High quality manufacturing

Dimensions (mm)

  • 2100W x 800D x 725H
  • 2100W x 800D x 950H
  • 1800W x 800D x 725H (800W x 200D x 925H)
  • 1800W x 800D x 950H (800W x 200D x 1150H)

Your office needs to have specific areas for private meetings and collaboration. With our excellent range of collaborative furniture, you can design the perfect office space.

Collaborative furniture is designed to improve office collaboration by bringing people together. You get people away from their individual desks and working in the same place.

This is perfect if you need to conduct group meetings with employees – or private meetings with some important clients.

Of course, you must ensure that your collaborative furniture is of the highest quality imaginable. That’s where we come in, as we boast a variety of exceptional designs.

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If you are looking for a durable and quality bench, pick this Off the Wall Table.

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