Multipurpose Storage White Sheen Door

1800H includes castors / White Sheen Door / Acoustic open corner / Internal Storage

MLTPSTWHITEBRD1318 1300W x 450D x 1800H
OPTION SONIK Acoustic Panel On Back
OPTION White Sheen (Whiteboard on Back)


This Multipurpose Storage Unit has been designed to aesthetically store and display items effectively. The unit blends open and closed storage in order to give you variety for your items. Additionally, the acoustic panel minimises disturbances across the office. Furthermore, this Storage Unit is manufactured with high-quality materials and craftsmanship.

Multipurpose Storage Unit Features

  • 1800H includes castors
  • White Sheen Door
  • SONIK Acoustic Panel
  • Acoustic open corner
  • Internal Storage
  • Whiteboard on back

Dimensions (mm)

  • Height: 1800
  • Depth: 450
  • Width: 1300

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If you are looking for durable and flexible office storage, pick this Multipurpose Storage Unit!

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