Geo Scope

Base Finish: Black
Finish Options: Standard 46 Colours
Cable Hole to your preferred placement (included)

GEOSCPEX21092005 (2100L x 900D) x (1800L x 550D) x 725H
GEOSCPEX24092005 (2400L x 900D) x (1800L x 550D) x 725H

Leg Finishes

  • BLK


This Geo Scope is a classic and convenient desk. It is designed to optimise your workspace by adding space and modernity. As a result, it has been expertly manufactured and available in a variety of finishes

Geo Scope Features

  • Base Finish: Black
  • Finish Options: Standard 46 Colours
  • Leg Finish: Black
  • Cable Hole to your preferred placement (included)
  • 2 size options
  • High-quality manufacturing


  • (2100L x 900D) x (1800L x 550D) x 725H
  • (2400L x 900D) x (1800L x 550D) x 725H

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