Geo Executive Selectric

The Geo Selectric Desk is built with our Selectric 101 Frame featuring a heavy duty motor drive.

Please note when ordering that the return has been updated to the Two Tier Design.

Multiple Return Options available please call customer service to discuss options in further detail.


Code Desk Return Height Adjust
GEOSLEX21092105 2000L x 900D 2100L x 550D 650 – 1300H


The Geo Executive Selectric Desk is built with our Selectric 101 Frame. It features a heavy-duty motor drive. The return has a two-tier design to optimise space. There are a variety of return options available to suit your requirements.

Having height adjustable desks in your office will provide you with a range of exceptional benefits. Here are some of the things you’ll enjoy when you buy from us:

  • Improve office productivity: the beauty of our electric height adjustable desks is that they’re so ergonomic. As such, your employees are more comfortable at work, meaning they become more productive!
  • Increase employee satisfaction: likewise, comfortable employees are happy employees! Boost staff retention: your employees will love working for you when they have electric desks! As such, your retention rate goes through the roof, saving lots of money.
  • Decrease sick days: the ergonomic brilliance of our products lowers the chances of back pain and other injuries at work. Thus, employees will take fewer sick days!

Geo Executive Selectric Desk Features

  • Height Adjustable Desk
  • Two-Tiered Return
  • Fully customizable design
  • High-quality manufacturing

Dimensions (mm)

  • Desk: 2000 x 900
  • Height Adjust: 650 – 1300
  • Return: 2100 x 550

It’s been proven that stagnant posture is bad for your body. As a result, many workers find themselves getting aches and pains in their back and shoulders, which distract them from their work.

With height adjustable workstations, you get the benefit of excellent ergonomics. The desk can be raised to position screens at eye-level. As a result, individuals aren’t constantly hunched over. Additionally, they can be raised all the way up to a standing position, giving your employees a rest from sitting down. As a result, individuals can still be productive while gaining some relief from the soreness caused by sitting all day long.

Check out our entire range of tables to find the option that is right for you. We have a wide variety of options available, ranging from single desks to boardroom tables. If you are looking for adjustability or custom features, we can find your perfect choice. Additionally, we design our office furniture for long-lasting durability. Furthermore, our commitment is to provide your business with the best desking options.

If you are looking for a durable and quality table, pick this Geo Executive Selectric Desk.

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