Design inspiration
The idea of everychair is: everychair in everywhere.The broken one is we find in the street, It’ s very close to our chair, but it’ s not the same,so the philosophy is we don’ t want just creat another plastic chair, but something already familiar to the subconscioussness of people.We refine the size, dimation and curve,and make it more beautiful,more light.Charles Eames said that:The role of the designer is that of a very good, thoughtful host anticipating the needs of his guests.We Payed our respects to the master Charles Eames.According to his concept,we tried time after time,and do a lot attempt in design,make many trail productions. Finally,everychair comes into sight,that can bring you the different feeling which have a perfect combination between modern and historical.

Design specification
Today, grado rethink ofthis chair, inject our new idea into the classic, incorporating a more modern idea to crate a new chair, named everychair.Everychair reflect the minimalist aesthetics,in the same time,through the advanced technology, accurate size, color matching to make the classical reproduced.
The folded design for the edge ofthe seat,matched with the slim steel tube legs,let the whole chair looks defter.We keep the size is the smallest in so far as is practicable,so that we can have the max capacity in the same space.A soft cushion perfectly suit for the seat,make the feeling of sitting more comfortable.The material of the chair is 100%recoverable,shows good green environmental protection idea. The GW for each everychair is only 4.5kg,that makes the stackable chairs are very easy to move and transport.

Design details
The edge fold design of this chair can not only strengthen the stress ofthe seat,but also make the whole chair more relaxed and unique.Base on the stabilization of structure,we reduce the thickness ofthe seat make the whole chair looks more lightest.

Why we named this chair everychair,as we always want to design a new product witch can suit for any where,No matter restaurant,cafe,office,they can satisfied with different request of different area.
The shape is not only terse and decent but also refined and elegant.Three different colors can be chosen,

will bring more vitality to the space.

Additional information


Lead Time

9 – 11 Weeks


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5 Year Warranty