Access Pod: Referenced Documentation

ACAA* Accredited EQUAL ACCESS Certification(*Association of Consultants in Access Australia)

Equal Access Report Here

Australian Standard AS 1428-1 – 2009

Australian Standard AS 1428-2 – 1992

Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (DDA)

Commonwealth Disability (Access to Premises – Buildings) Standards 2010 (Premises Standards)

Building Code of Australia 2019 Volume One Amendment 1 (BCA)

Australian Standard AS 1428.1:2009 – Design for access and mobility, Part 1: General requirements for access – New building work (AS 1428.1)

These Standards describe basic minimum technical details for accessible buildings.

The ACAA Accredited Equal Access Group have been engaged to perform a Technical Assessment of the INAPODS against the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (as amended) and associated Legislation. ACAA Accredited Equal Access Certification Report Here

The Building Code of Australia (BCA) and Disability (Access to Premises—Buildings) Standards (Premises Standards) provides information on which classes of buildings are to be made accessible and prescribes the specific areas within those buildings where access must be provided. The BCA and Premises Standards refer to this Standard and other Standards as a means of compliance with the deemed-to satisfy access provisions of the BCA and Premises Standards.

INAPOD-ACCESS PODS are available in a configuration that complies with the Australian Standards AS1428.1 (Design for Access & Mobility), Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), Commonwealth Disability Standards 2010 (Premises Standards), Building Code of Australia (BCA) to allow wheelchair access.

INAPODS come with a low floor threshold so that they allow as unobstructed access as possible. For wheelchair users a shallow wheelchair ramp and other accessibility features are included.

Number of Access Pods?

Where acoustic office pods are provided, we suggest providing 5% of the installation with one accessible pod. (Source: According to AND data, one in six people (17.1%) use a mobility aid, and only 4.4% of those with disability in Australia use a wheelchair.)

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Access Pod Design Parameters

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Ramp Design (Australian Standard AS 1428.1:2009 Clauses 6,10)

Ramps shall have –
Maximum rise of 190 mm (INAPOD rise is only 90mm)
Length not greater than 1900 mm (INAPOD is only 1020mm)
Gradient not steeper/less than 1 in 10. (INAPOD is 1 in 12)
The edges of step ramp shall have a 45° minimum splay where there is pedestrian cross traffic. (INAPOD splay is 45°)

ACAA Accredited Equal Access Certification Report Here


Circulation Space for Wheelchair Turn

AS 1428.1:2009 6.5.3

The space required for a wheelchair to make a 90deg to 180deg turn shall not be less than 2070mm in the direction of travel and not less than 1540 wide.

External dimensions:

3000 x 2400 x 217H.

Dimensional Drawing HERE

ACAA Accredited Equal Access Certification Report Here

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Doorways & Doors/a>

Australian Standards AS 1428.1:2009 Clause 13

INAPOD uses a fully automated electric door, operated from the side of the unit and inside.

Doorway width shall be greater than 850mm (INAPODS door is 940mm wide)

Doors must have a minimum luminance contrast of 30%. (INAPOD has a visual glazing strip on all glass panels)

ACAA Accredited Equal Access Certification Report Here

Visibility & Safety

Laminated Glass on 2 sides of the INAPOD affords great visibility to the interior and exterior for a feeling of inclusivity to the outside milieu.
Additionally, it is also an important safety feature, as in the event of an emergency, the user can see and hear any warning device that may alert the user to any outside threat on either side of the pod.

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Access Pods

Access Pod – M-POD Standard, M-POD Large & M-POD Max

Equipped with : Electric Automatic Door Opener, Access Ramp, Structural Strength Steel Construction, 10mm Laminated Glass, USB Connection, A/C Power Connection Inside, Data Cat6 Ethernet Connection, 12 x 2 Speed Ventilation Fans, Motion Sensor, Dimmable LED Strip Lighting.

M-POD Standard Internal Size: 2920w x 2200d x 2000h,

M-POD Large Internal Size 3920w x 2200d x 2000h,

M-POD Max internal size 4920w x 2200d x 2000h

Equipped with: Electric Automatic Door Opener, Access Ramp, Structural Strength Steel Construction, 10mm Laminated Glass, USB Connection, A/C Power Connection Inside, Data Cat6 Ethernet Connection, 4 x 2 Speed Ventilation Fans, Motion Sensor, Dimmable LED Strip Lighting.

Internal Size: 2000w x 1120d x 2000h Options:

Laminated Meeting Table,

Electric Height Adjustable Desk

M-POD TV Monitor Stand


ACAA Accredited Equal Access Certification Report Here

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Equal Access Group

The Equal Access Group is one of Australia’s leading DDA Universal Design and Disability Access and Egress Consultancies. Their key personnel are accredited with the Association of Consultants in Access Australia Inc (ACAA) and provide a specialist consulting service throughout Australia and internationally to enhance the built environment and to provide “Equal Access” for members of the community with a disability.