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The office environment is changing. No longer do we just sit at desks to get work done. Office Workstations and office furniture have changed as well. Activity Based Working, Agile Working and Open Plan offices have given rise to Standing Desks, Collaboration Hubs, Focus Pods, informal meeting areas and task oriented furniture.

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Latest News

Workstations was originally established in Melbourne in 1998. Over 15 years our experiences staff have helped create energising workspaces that uplift the wellbeing and increase the performance of people and business.

The interaction and collaboration of your staff give birth to ideas. Our well thought office solutions energise interaction, collaboration and staff creativity, making your employees more energetic, productive and ultimately loyal.

Good furniture design inspires employees and will help you bring your company’s ideas to life. Action happens through encouraging spontaneous meetings and discussions and can start in all the small breakaway spaces, or group bench-style and the energy and health that comes from standing desks, the comraderies of social areas & the team work that is born in the open lounge seating.

You will notice that when your people feel better — they work better and your business grows!

In fact, there is a direct return on investment from your expenditure on an inspiring office.

You can inspire and stimulate employees by getting rid of the drab old furniture and cubicles as your younger staff see these as barriers to interaction.

Workstations supply and install great furniture. We excel in design and in the delivery of office space planning & design services Australia wide, in all major cities and regional areas, with installation teams in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth.