Slimline Office Lounge Gregory Charisma Chair


Slimline Office Lounge Gregory Charisma Chair is a contemporary styles office lounge which features a modern slimline design.
Handcrafted in Australia and upholstered in quality fabrics of your choice, it brings a sense of luxury and comfort to suit your reception or office space.

This Slimline Office Lounge Gregory Charisma Chair features polished nickel legs as standard and is available in single, two, two and a half, three and four seat models along with a complimenting ottoman adding to its versatility.

Slimline Office Lounge Gregory Charisma Chair Features

  • Australian made
  • Modern minimalist design
  • Nickel plated legs as standard
  • Single, two, two and a half, three and four seat models
  • Ideal lounge for reception or breakout areas
  • Timber internal structure is reinforced for commercial use
  • Foams specified are for high use commercial environments

Slimline Office Lounge Gregory Charisma Chair Options

  • Small or large complimenting ottoman
  • Various leg styles

Gregory ergonomic seat technology benefits

  • Improves users posture
  • Healthy ‘s’ curve in the spine is maintained
  • Reduced pressure on the spine
  • Improved circulation
  • Increases concentration increasing oxygen levels
  • Increases productivity and morale as staff are more comfortable
  • Increased profitability by decreasing absenteeism
  • Increased lifestyle and general wellbeing associated with a healthy back
  • Decreases pressure on the spine
  • Decreased fatigue caused by poor posture
  • Decreases insurance claims

Dual Density features firmer foam in the front half of the seat and softer foam in the back half. The separation of the two foam densities is indicated by the split. The pelvis gently ‘sinks’ and is supported in the softer section in the correct seating position at the back of the chair. Firmer foam at the front discourages the pelvis from sliding forward into the slouching ‘c’ curve of poor posture. The moulded foam encourages and improves blood circulation behind the thighs. The added height adjustable lumbar support maintains the spine through healthy, upright posture.

The Gregory soft seating range blurs the line between commercial and residential, offering designs to help you feel more relaxed in the workplace while being built to withstand the demands of the commercial environment. Most of Gregory’s lounges are available in single, two and three seater variations with the option of custom solutions tailored to your specific design requirements.

Gregory visitor chairs are on par with all of Gregory’s famously ergonomic office chair range featuring their award winning dual density foam.

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